What Is Your Message This Week?

What Is Your Message This Week?

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Card 1


Purpose and true prosperity

Affirmation: I trust that I am enough, that I have all that I need and that abundance and prosperity follow me on my path ahead.

It is a good day to empower yourself, it is time to give yourself that extra boost of confidence and know that you are worthy of your success at this time. You may be feeling the desire to be more of who you want to be. You feel more connected to the truth within you and are feeling pulled to stand in this truthful light. Everything you need is right here and now, there will be more to come. A choice needs to be made that will require you to align with your mental and emotional health, once you get clear on what is healthy and balanced you will open the next door of opportunity.

You will be called to take better care of your mental and emotional health in these next coming months. You will need to set healthy boundaries with the things that drain your power especially if it has to do with your health and wellness. Your willingness to take this call to action on your health and wellness will prove to be beneficial to your success.

Health and wellness includes:

Helping your mindsets and your mental health by choosing to find ways to empower and gain new perspectives.

Removing toxic patterns and habits from your daily routines one step at a time.

Acknowledging emotional upsets or walls you have and resolving to take better care of your emotional health.

Reading a good book, meditating or accessing a professional resource to help you find balance and clarity such as a councilor or even life coach can help.

Card 2



Affirmation: I recognize the power within me to create my reality by the cause and effect of my actions, emotions and thoughts and I claim this power in the healthiest way.

The best thing you can do right now is get clear on who you are, what you want to believe in and how you will take the next steps. Your thoughts, emotions and actions are everything right now, and although you may not be able to control the outside forces, you are able to control yourself. Now is the perfect time to set and intention for what you wish to create, transform or change in your life/experiences.

The Universe is giving you a chance to step into your power and be who you want to be. You will be able to change things around just by the way you decide to think and feel right now.

This card also indicates that justice is in play; fair and just decisions have the potential to unfold especially in the legal situations you are dealing with such as house, marriage, health, and courts. Justice is a card that comes in to bring the balance and move things ahead. It is not always about what we want but also what we need and how things need to unfold. Keep the faith, do your best to find your balance as you deal with life’s situations.

Card 3


Affirmation: With my full commitment, love and respect, I am able to achieve my goal.

The Universe is asking you to do your best to make clear plans for achieving your goals. Make some new commitments right now, review and evaluate your current situation for what it is and then set some new goals and intentions.

You are going through a shift right now, everything is changing and on the path to your highest good. You are noticing the change within you and although these shifts can be challenging, you also know you desire to have these much needed transformations happen in your life. Letting go of the way things have always been and making room for some new and improved beliefs, strengths, perspectives and chapters. You are tapping into your ability to manifest and create the success of your goals or dreams. You feel excited and ready for the next step even if there is some fears and doubts you know you still desire to move ahead!

If you are looking at starting something new such as a project, idea or business goal, the Messenger of Earth gives you that extra boost of encouragement to make some plans. Be decisive, use logic and wisdom, and assess the situations before you take action.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

Todays Cards Are From Colette Baron Reid – The Good Tarot Deck


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