What Is Your Message of Empowerment For 2020?

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What is your message for 2020?

Empowering your success


Mandala 1

“My TRUE SELF aligns me with my life’s abundance”

2020 wants you to have the courage to stand in your power and make it count where you know you need to. You will need to rally your allies and keep your your morals and values close by to reflect upon. Reminding yourself what you stand for helps you to stand taller and make choices and decsions based upon the highest good.

Your True Self is the very essence of abundance, and as you see yourself abundant, you begin to raise the vibrational energy to your life’s abundance. You may have, in the past, held a belief system that abundance is outside of you, but today, and each day forward, you will need to choose to align with who you want to be. Your True Self   opens the possibilities to be abundant, feel abundant, and act abundant. As you align with your source energy, as you nurture your happiness and your joy, as you follow your truth; you will discover the energy of abundance. Your True Self is not what you have or what you do for a living, it is who you are on a soul level. Nurture your soul’s passions, values, and morals, and you will connect to the divine energy of abundance.

Mandala 2

“I choose to empower myself and others”

Give truth, kindness, understanding and compassion. Choose to empower yourself by taking the lead, use your wisdom and inner light to create solutions and set forth with healthy boundaries. When you choose to empower yourself you set foundations that help you to empower not only yourslef but others as well.

Empowerment is choosing health, wellness and nourishment that will help the mind, body and soul thrive.

Mandala 3

“My life will change when I change”

To transform our lives, we must be willing to make the decisions to change. This decision must come from our soul and we must be willing to take our life on fully, with great inner strength. A decision to better your life is never easy, it is probably the hardest decision you will ever make, for it is challenging you to let go of the old and toxic as you make room for growth and expansion. You may need to leave years’ worth of life in the past as you choose to move forward. You may need to reevaluate your morals and values, review your life, and question yourself on where you see changes needing to be made. Most importantly, you will need to decide that you want more to life than what is, and whatever changes you are needing to make, you do so with the intention to change your life for the better.

Mandala 4

“I surrender to the flow of my abundance and success”

The Universal flow is all about divine time, everything that needs to happen will unfold as it should. Surrender to the flow that takes you to your abundant and succesful self.

Get excited for the year ahead! it will have many moments of greatness. The energies surrounding you at this time are positive and in the flow of your highest good. Let this past year be one of your greatest teachers as you decide what you are going to make of 2020 now! There is an opportunity to attract your hearts desires in this coming year ahead. Peace will come to those areas that have been challenging. Love will blossom, new or the rekindling of the old. Remeber to go with the flow and know that events greater than you can ever imagine are possibly heading your way. Focus on your projects, relationships and ideas that are the biggest priorities for you.

Mandala 5

“Deep breath in…It is important to centre my energy before I start the day”

Create a routine or ritual that will help you start your day off right. Meditate, listen to mantras, become more balanced in mind, body and spirit. You could journal about how you will empower our day and as you take 5 minutes to find balance you create the time to breathe and connect to your source energy.

The way you begin your day will direct how you imprint on it. It may not always go smooth but you will be ready for the ebb and flow each day brings.

Start now, think about what morning ritual you would like to empower your 2020 self with.

Take more classes on mindfulness. Create more opportunities to grow spiritually. Find ways to heal your life with self-love, self-care and self-respect.

Mandala 6

“I give myself permission to shine”

You have permission to shine from the Universe, now all you need to do is give yourself the same permission.

Shine the light on your goals, dreans and any path you are wanting to take. Get clear and focused on your visions and resolve to overcome any fear or doubts that you may be holding within you.

Shine your light on your mental and emotional health, take care of yourself my friends. Dont be afraid to reach out and make a path for your health and wellness.

Give yourself permission to help yourself out more than you ever have and allow 2020 to be guided by you and your intentions.

Mandala 7

“My commitment to creating more feel-good expereinces changes my reality”

You can direct how your day goes, even if it’s a bad day, you can change your attitude towards it. Create more “feel good” experiences by changing your energy and thoughts.

Focus on making plans that feel good to you. You can decide who you will hang out with and who just isn’t your vibe. You can go to work happy you have a job and feel good about your skills and talents. You can create experiences that encourage healthy environments You can commit to antyhing that allows you to feel good, balanced, and connected.

Become aware; think about how enlightened  feelings can improve your life and bring light to a situation in life where you may be giving into the darkness.

Mandala 8

“I create a positive force of Karmic Energy in my life”

Karma is the cause and effect of the actions, choices and reactions you make. Karma is neither good or bad, it instead, matches who you choose to be at any given time. Yes, sometimes you are involved in others karma, but that is where you decide what you allow and accept, thus, taking back your power and your vibrational Karmic Force of energy.

Focus on your Karmic actions, what kind of energy do you want to put behind the steps you take and the choices you make. How can you control your reactions better? How can you react differently when it comes around again?

Create a Positive Force of Karma for yourself by choosing the way you put out your energy. It is not the actions, words, choices or decisions itself, it is the energy you exert behind it. How will you back up your Karma?

  • Choose a softer tone
  • Be aware of your negativity
  • See your actions before you make them, be aware of what you can “cause”
  • Look at where you need to show up for an experience and how you need to show up for it.
  • Be honest
  • Be clear
  • Know right from wrong
  • Release the ego’s control over you
  • Use a higher perspective
  • Think before you act
  • Use your intuition and self-awareness to guide you.

Keep Shining xo

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