What Is Your Message From The Tarot Cards?

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What Is Your Message From The Tarot Cards?

Guidance & Insight for the Week


Card 1


I am  inspired by life right now, and everything that is happening points to a renewed sense of encouragement. After all the change I have experienced, I’m starting to recognize the hope that comes with new beginnings.

The next few weeks will yield you positive results, as you have noticed, those experiences that have unraveled in the past have done so to make way for these new beginnings, you have much to look forward to. There are a few steps you need to get done, if you set your priorities and get more organized, you will create more momentum for yourself.

What is happening is meant to happen! and as you continue to move forward, the week ahead will show you exactly where the roads will lead. Clarity is the theme for you, and it is important to be present and focused this week, don’t let your emotions cloud your better judgments.

The Star is a welcome relief from troubled or challenging times, it brings renewed faith and a sense of support from the Universe. With the Star card, anything is possible, you have the magic of the Universe flowing around you.

Card 2


Sometimes it’s necessary to take time out for regrouping and introspection. This is a temporary experience but one necessary for my growth. When I step back, retreat, regroup and renew, I have a clear perspective on everything in my life.

This week, take your time, don’t rush; this is a period of inner reflection away from the demands of the day. When you feel like you are getting caught up in the day to day issues, take a step back, regroup, reflect.

In dealing with people, if there are any emotional or mental weights, take a moment to gather your thoughts, take your time before you speak. Let some things be unveiled to you. Detach from any drama, over thinking, and gossip, and reconnect inwardly.

Focus on your spiritual growth, use meditations and self-reflection as ways to seek clarity and vision. Practice mindfulness and become more aware of intuition and energy vibrations.

You know when you need some alone time, make sure to take it. Never be afraid to take the time to reflect, it will surely bring you the recharge and clarity you are seeking and you will better handle those people, situations, and experiences.

The hermit can also indicate that someone will be coming into your life to help you with a certain situation or direction you are needing guidance on.  A mentor or guide to help you on your path.

Card 3


I can go the distance and know that everything occurs in divine appropriate timing. I have courage as I manifest miracles. When I allow spirit to work through me, I am strong enough to move mountains, and overcome any obstacles inside and out!

Have faith this week, trust that everything will go according to the divine plan. There is a strong force of change in your future and you will need to have courage and strength to take any leaps and bounds needed. You may need to let go of what is, in order to make room for what will be.

Any relationship issues will require you to have the strength to forgive and move on in the direction of the highest good whatever that may be. You may see certain relationships for what they are, be willing to accept the truths and choose wisely the way you proceed.

Have confidence for those projects, ideas, and values you hold. This part of the journey needs more from you than just your actions, it needs your belief in yourself and your commitment to your goals. Something will not work the way you think it should, but, there are blessings in disguise this week and you will see the silver linings.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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