What is your empowerment right now?

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What is your Empowerment right now?

Guidance & Insight for your Journey



Look closely at those areas that you are seeking change in and get clear and focused on what you can do to help be the change you wish to see.

Your action challenge: make a plan that will help you take on those changes you are wanting. if this means you reach out to others for guidance than do just that. If you need a book to help guide you go get it. If there is a conversation you need to have then have it. If there is a decision to make then make it.

Change is in the air! what you have been patiently waiting for you will continue to have patience for! Trust that things are lining up for you. Trust and have faith in your highest good.

It is important to remember that the things out of your control take time but the things in your control are right here and now. Get clear and focused on what you actually want. I know, you have done this a thousand times, but this time really get that vision set into motion. You have to change you first..ugh…I know..It can be difficult to look at yourself and be kind and compassionate to what you are not doing for your life. But, you can do this, you can be the change you are wanting for yourself.

Meditation: Get quiet and comfy. Sit with your legs crossed and your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths in and out.Think about your inner power and what is in your control right now. Visualize where you can help be the change in your life.

Get out your journal and write down what you have now become clear and focused on. What is in your power. Keep this hanging on your fridge or somewhere you can see it so that you can reflect on it everyday – also, keep journaling…it helps.


You deserve to receive all the abundance the Universe has to offer. Open your heart and mind to all doors that are ready to be opened for you.

Action challenge: Walk away from any dishonest associations whether it be negative people, old patterns, or belief systems that are holding you hostage from your success. This is the time to open your heart to a new adventure, one where you are learning all about self-love, empowerment and mindsets.

The Universe is working with you as you go forward with plans, goals, and adventures. You may feel uncertain or a bit uneasy as to where the road ahead will lead but you are reminded that if you know who you are the road will always be clear to you. Show up for your assignments (that is what they are) and be willing to receive wisdom, lessons, growth and, yes, a whole lot of abundance.

Open heart – Open mind – Open doors

When it comes to attracting abundance into your life, the key is staying in alignment with your empowered self. When attracting more abundance one must decide what abundance looks like to them.  If money is tight your empowered-self will find a way to budget and make a door open even if that means asking for help. If life is challenging your empowered-self with find a way to walk through it with confidence and strength.

Your empowered self may have only an ounce of strength at times but that is all that you need to start.

Your empowered self is already abundant.

Meditation: Sit down and get comfy and place your palms face-up on your lap. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you focus your attention on receiving a beautiful white light into the palms of your hands.

Continue to visualize this white light entering into your being and helping you to receive the abundance you deserve. As you receive this white light also begin to release all resistance the mind and heart bring forth (you will notice belief systems of scarcity, lacking and fear rise) simply just let them pass by and tell yourself –

I am open to receiving a new lease on my heart, my mind and my abundance.


Energy flows with intention. Stay grounded and present in your power for this is where success begins.

Action Challenge:Make it a priority to stay grounded and focused on balance in your life on a daily basis. Commitment to your intentions will create success for your future. Set intentions that will help you create balance and feel grounded in life. New practices and routines should be built to create a grounded foundation where you can thrive. These practices can be morning, noon or night (or anytime of the day you need them) most importantly, they should be seen as lifestyle practices for success.

Start your day off with a self check-in and breathing practice. Leave your phone alone for the first 30 minutes of your day and really take the time to connect with yourself and your inner power so that you are ready to take on anything the day brings.

In the afternoon do another self check-in. What do you need? are you feeling good? balanced? is there something you need to say or do? Take a few moments to ground and get centred.

In the evening do one last self check-in. How was your day? where are you now? – give a little love where it is needed right now please. What can you do tomorrow that you learned from today?

Other daily practices you can get into to help you stay grounded are going for a walk, meditating, reading a self-help book, and sitting outside for a few minutes each day listening to the sounds.

Meditation: Close your eyes and plant your feet firmly on the floor/ground (barefoot is best!) Feel your feet sink into the ground beneath you  as you take 10 deep breaths in (slowly) and out (slowly). Visualize a cord of energy coming from the Universe above you and into the top of your head. See this cord of energy move through your mind, your heart and your entire body. Let it finally come to rest in the bottoms of your feet and as you feel this energy within you say:

I am grounded. I am here. I am loved. I am supported. 

Now let that energy cord root into the ground beneath you and into mother earth. Open your eyes and remember where your energy comes from and where it grounds into throughout the day.

Keep Shining xo

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