What does your soul need from you right now?

Using your intuition, tap into the energy and listen to where your soul guides you. Once you read your message sit with it for a moment and look at what this means to you. Make a clear intention moving forward what you wish to create in your life.

1 – Soul Empowerment

You are reclaiming your power and beginning a new chapter of this journey. Allow yourself the time and space to listen to your intuition as you welcome in some much needed shifts in your life.

Pay close attention to the vibes you get and the way your energy reacts around certain situations and people. This will help you to know where to set boundaries or even how to maneuver through the moment.

True colours are shining through in every way right now. You may find that you are no longer wanting to tolerate or entertain any old stories, routines or even certain relationships whether it be love, work or friendships. Allow yourself to let these true colours guide you forward in setting healthy boundaries, new intentions and even a new plan or direction.

This shift is made just for you! Don’t be afraid to shine! Choose to go on a Soul Empowerment journey for the next few months by deciding each day how you will think, feel and take action for yourself.

2 – Sacred Self

How beautiful are you? The answer should not have you comparing yourself to anyone else or even a social status. You are beautiful because of your heart and soul. You are beautiful because you are you. You are beautiful and you are good enough.

The sacred self is asking you to look deeply at yourself and realize how magnificent you really are. You are worthy of life, love, and all that is divine.

Give thanks to your body, mind and soul today. Appreciate the amazing things about yourself. Hold gratitude for the many pieces that make you who you are.

Give thanks to the past and it’s lessons of growth and healing. You have come so far and endured many moments. Celebrate the journey as a whole.

Give appreciation to your talents, skills and attributes. You are unique and have your own light to shine. Look at your strengths and the many skills that carry you through the many ups and downs.

Offer yourself the opportunity to stand in your own power.

You have a beautiful light and it is asking you to shine in your own unique way.

3- Sacred Healing

Is it healthy? Is it balanced? Is it adding goodness to my life or am I letting it drain my power?

Before you read on, take 3 Deep breaths in and out right now. Becoming calm and grounded. Reconnecting to your inner power. Imagine a golden glowing energy filling your whole body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. You are the healer of your life and hold the keys to your success.

This is important: Allow yourself this space and time to recognize what you think and feel and sit with the truth of this for a moment.

Allow yourself to focus on what your soul needs.

Now take your time as you make some intentional personal power choices that will help bring healing into your life. It is not easy to work through anxieties, fears and pain, this is why it is so important to give yourself tools of healing through the pathways of love, self-empowerment, forgiveness, peace, and light.

You are healing daily all that comes to be healed. Support yourself with love and peace. Allow the time you need for some soul recharging. You can choose a holistic element to your healing journey, try meditation or ayurvedic techniques, even energy healing and activations can help you feel more alive and ready to take the next steps. You can choose to read a book or two or three that help you on your healing journey.

Do more of what your soul needs.

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