What Does The Universe Want You To Know?

Help empower you life and create pathways of personal growth success using mindset tools, intuition and inner power.

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What does your soul say?

Take a minute today to tap in and tune into your inner guidance system as you ask yourself to pay attention to your feelings, truth and any intuitive nudges you are receiving (It is important to remind yourself to pay attention and listen to your inner guide as it is easy to get caught up in fear, doubts and mind games).

What does your soul say about that situation? how about about that relationship? The moment? your feelings? the path forward?

Your soul knows. It always does. It works with your health and wellness and leads you towards personal empowerment. It asks you to take on some challenges but promises you it will be worth it in the end. It seeks healing and ways to help you grow. Your soul wants nothing more than to give you permission to live life in your authenticity.

Do not be afraid of the path right now, your soul has taken the lead and is guiding you towards the highest good. Focus on what health and wellness means to you as well as what your mind, body and soul require to thrive simply right now.

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When did you last ground yourself?

Your energy needs some mother nature and a breath of fresh air! Get outside and hug a tree, walk barefoot in the grass, swim in the lake, dance in the rain or just sit on the grass and watch the clouds go by. Replenish your energy so you are ready for whatever comes your way.

Life happens! There are jobs to do, bills to pay, kids to raise, businesses to build, dishes to do, groceries to buy, stress to hold. Seriously, life happens and often we let it happen to us for way too long before we take a day to ground and recharge.

This is your sign if you have been asking for one! Yes it is time to get grounded because you know you have things to do and some priorities and projects to tend to. You know you have stress and a sometimes what feels like no time. You know some days are amazing and some days you just fall flat in energy. You know life happens and you are on the journey.

There are two specific points in the day that are important, the way you spend the first 15 minutes of the day and the way you end the last 15 minutes of the same day. Everything in between is in the flow of life.

So ask yourself right now,

how can you make your morning better? How can you make the end of the day more relaxing?

Write it down and post in where you can see it everyday! Good habits are created with time and intention.

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Are you open to receiving?

You are ready to receive love, abundance, prosperity and all things that improve and empower you life, right?

Of course you are, you want all of those things and it is time to get out of your own way as you open you heart and believe in your worthiness. As you move towards your goals and dreams look for those serendipitous encounters that seem to bring you the gifts of encouragement and alignment that you need.

Be open to receiving lessons, wisdoms, growth and change as you need it to unfold. Let the Universe guide you on the path right now as you empower your beliefs and stand up for your core values. Focus on who you want to be and the vibe you wish to carry each day, you don’t always have to be positive but you can always be well by choice.

Create a mantra right now to help you this week that goes something like this…

I am open to receiving my honest truth and authenticity this week!

I am open to the abundance of the Universe each day!

I am open to receiving exactly what I need to be successful.

I am open to love, the kind of love I hold core values for.

Now you try,

I am open to receiving … ?

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