What Do Your Angels Guide You With? Find Out Below!

Angel Message 1

444 – You are safe and protected in the light of the Angels. Trust in the journey as you move along this path. Your angels are with you, supporting these next steps. Breathe deeply and tune into your health and wellness. This is also a message that your loved ones in heaven are close by surrounding you with love, this is a good time for your healing growth.

Create some quality time for yourself in order to get back in touch with your well being. If you want to manifest something or create good energy you must first be willing to give to yourself a healthy and balanced mind, body, soul and spirit. Remove yourself from the noise this weekend and place yourself in nature. Take some time for quiet meditation. Take a long hot bath. Do something that requires you to relax and unwind. This will help you to recharge your energy as well as put you back in the right frame of mind. This mere act of self love and care will do wonders for your goals and energy. Answers come through quiet reflection and connection. 

Be present in today, the power of now is at your finger tips. Commit to creating more feel good foundations in health, career, relationships and home by tuning into your inner power. Make long term plans.

Angel Message 2

1111 – Fresh air is blowing through your life! An abundance of light energy surrounds you and your current path. Set your intentions, say a heartfelt manifesting prayer and welcome in the winds of change. This is more than a wish, it is a breakthrough chapter and you are the co-creator! There is something wonderful always about to happen! Remember that miracles are big and small. One step leads to another.

Don’t let a little doubt or fear get in the way of what your trying to create. You are on the right track and it takes dedication and determination plus a heaping full serving of faith and optimism. Pay attention to what’s not working right now, acknowledge it and let it go by letting yourself know you are not going to allow it to hold you back anymore. Now look to what is working, go towards this. You know that saying “when one door closes another one will open” it is absolutely true. Don’t stare at the closed door. Your optimism is what leads to opportunities.

Optimism is also about not telling yourself “I don’t know. I’m not sure” or even “maybe one day”, “there’s nothing going right” – Turn the negative talk into empowerment, use healthy mindsets and beliefs to change your tune.

“I know what I want right now and I will start here”

Angel Message 3

222 – Keep your faith stronger than your fears. Take a balanced and peaceful stance in your life as you stay focused on what you want. Knowledge and wisdom will help you create the movement forward you seek. A time of unity and balance is flowing in, be open to new opportunities that teach or guide you forward.

Time to reach out! Whether your looking for advice on financial matters, health issues, love “stuff” or whatever else your seeking guidance on…. There is someone to help. A mentor, a teacher, a professional that is in the field to which your inquiry is directed. Don’t be quick to dismiss a conversation you have had that rings true to you. If your needing help then reach out. All you have to do is ask. 

Need help with finances? seek out someone who you look up to or a professional to guide you.

Looking for knowledge about a self-love journey? read a book or seek out wisdom.

Starting a business but don’t know where to begin? Ask someone who’s done it.

Wanting to go to school but can’t decide on a course? Ask yourself what ignites your passion and then ask someone who is in that field or maybe seek out a career coach!

There is absolutely someone who can help you right now, pay attention to people who cross your path and give you a sense of truth and connection. Conversations are important answers right now and you could have already had this important communication or are about to have it. Listen to what’s being said. 

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