What Crystal Are You Drawn To?

What Crystal Are You Drawn To?

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What Crystal Are You Drawn To?



The Universe Is Listening

Whatever makes you come alive, do that- speak about it, think about it, breathe it into life.

The Universe is listening intently to your wishes, dreams and goals, take a moment to breathe this love and support in as you release your doubts and fears and choose to align with your best laid plans and intentions. The Universe wants to hear what you have to say, so make sure you are speaking from your heart and being clear on what it is you are asking for. It is important to remember that the Universe doesn’t just want to hear what it is you are asking for but also wants to see you align with it through thoughts, visions and actions.

Be easy on yourself though, no need to hate on mistakes or changes to plans if they have happened recently in your life, there is a blessing in disguise going on behind the scenes and the Universe wants you to know that it will always remember what you asked for and do everything it can to align you with it.

Use Amethyst to help you stay grounded, calm and centered in your inner power and spirit. Wear Amethyst when journaling your goals and intentions to the Universe, writing things down will help you stay clear and focused on what you are asking for. Amethyst will help you access the power of the Universe.


Universal Love

With love you can transform anything into success, abundance and beauty.

Is it really that simple? can love really transform your life and create those miracles you are looking for? The answer is YES, Universal love has the potential to heal what needs healing and transform the old ways into stronger foundations that support abundance and success on all levels.

So what can Universal love do for you today? it is at your beck and call, ready for you to use upon life.

You may need to use self-love to empower and remind yourself of your worth.

You may need to use Universal love in your communications to help raise perspectives and find new ways to open the lines of communication.

You may need to use Universal love to help you work through the situation by allowing yourself to be present, accepting and willing to adjust so that you can create new foundations.

Take a moment to connect in with The Universe right now…What would the Universe tell you to do? Look into your heart and feel the presence of Universal love flowing through you, guiding you with a message of empowerment and success.

Use Rose Quartz to help you access the energy of Universal love and begin to use this energy to transform your life and create some miracle energy. Wear Rose Quartz to strengthen your bond with self-love, abundance, and inner happiness. You can also use Rose Quartz to help bring healing energy wherever it is needed.

PS. Miracles exist within you, you are a miracle in itself 🙂


Wishes Fulfilled

Everything that has ever happened in life comes from pieces of our wishes that become fulfilled. Some things work out, some things go a different way and some things happen unexpectedly, but within all of life’s changes of growth and expansion, wishes will always find a way to come true.

Your wishes have been germinating and are deeply planted in the heart of the Universe, fulfillment is just around the corner waiting to happen when the timing is right. You are more than capable of manifesting your desires, they may not be exactly how you see them, but they will be what is aligned with your highest good.

This is also time to make a wish – surrender it to the Universe and watch it grow. Everything happens in divine time with a little divine intervention, have faith.

Use Aquamarine as a talisman of good luck, protection and empowering energy upon your path. Aquamarine can help strengthen your success and overcome your fears. It is a beautiful crystal that carries heaven and earth within it.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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