What Can Help Your Success Right Now?

What Can Help Your Success Right Now?

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1 - Smithsonite

Essential Meaning: Rebirth from chaos, evolution, stress relief, emotional boost, clearing of obstacles to growth.

Use wisdom to guide you, lessons learned in the past can help you move forward in the present, even a simple lesson that has taught you right from wrong can help you to navigate the waters right now. Things are changing, you are changing and with that comes the need to make sure you are being true to yourself and those core values you have within you.

Soon you will feel more grounded and focused, trust that as you look at things from a higher perspective you will see the wisdom that is waiting to guide you. It is a time to plant seeds and nourish their growth, trust that you have what you need today to begin and more will come to you.

Think of this time in your life as a growth spurt that is asking you some particularly important questions:

What do you need from yourself?

What do want from life?

How can you help the situation right now?

Answer honestly and you will know what the next step is.

Crystal Healing: Smithsonite is useful in calming and balancing emotions, it will help you to alleviate stress energetically and bring a sense of clarity to your life. Use this crystal to help guide you on the next chapter of your journey.

2 - Rhodonite

Essential Meaning:  Harmony in relationships, easily connecting with others, generosity, reciprocity, discovering hidden talents to share with others.


People and their relationships to us are important for growth and evolution, almost all are for a reason, some stay for a season and others will last a lifetime, relationships are gifts of love, friendship, lessons, and more.

You are being guided to look at your relationships and forge healthy connections where you can, remember that each person that enters your life will have something to show you one way or another. Listen and pay attention to what you are receiving from your connections, communication is verbal but more importantly energetic, your vibes will say a lot about the connection.

This is also a message about the relationship you have with yourself, it is the most important one you will ever build upon. You are safe to be yourself, in fact it is imperative that you are for everything you do comes from this relationship.

This is the time to let yourself shine, your talents, skills, and hard work will reap you successful rewards, Stay focused, you are going to need to empower and encourage yourself in this next part of the journey more than you ever have. Self discipline and will power lead you to success.

Crystal Healing: Rhodonite assists us with opening our hearts and connecting us to unconditional love and the unique gifts and talents we have within us.

3- Labradorite

Essential Meaning: Awakening to the magic within, mystery and synchronicity, help from unexpected sources.

Believe in the way of the Universe because it is working with you to find ways to support your healing and success. You are being called to make a conscious choice to do what is right and what makes the most sense at this time. You may also be receiving a reality check that has been hard to swallow but honest and enlightening all at the same time, reality has a way of getting us to prioritize our priorities and organize our life so hat we can create the balance needed to move ahead. This is the time to think differently, act differently and look at any belief systems that are holding you back. You deserve that loving partnership, the abundant career, happy family, new dog, healing start – whatever it is, you deserve and are worthy of it and the Universe wants to help you get it!

Be open to the magic of synchronicities, you will be receiving messages, guidance, and signs throughout your week. Nothing is coincidence, everything happens for you, and if you are wondering if it is a sign it most definitely is.

Crystal Healing: Labradorite is a stone of magic and wonder that opens our consciousness and empowers our spirit within.  Use this stone to illuminate the light and help you work through any darkness you may encounter on your journey. It will protect your energy field as it connects you to the Universe and the miracles within.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.


Today’s Cards are from the Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

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