Weekly Empowerment Reading

Weekly Empowerment Reading

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Everything is within your power, and your power is within you

Janice Trachtman


Card 1

Rainbows are waiting in the wings of every storm

There is always a rainbow waiting for you. There will always be a light to guide you. You will never face this journey alone. Through difficult times of challenge and adversity you must gather your inner strength and power and work through it. Think about how you can be the light in your life right now. What do you need from yourself? Do you need to listen to your truth? Do you need change? Do you need to speak up? Do you need to reach out?

Whatever you are going through, remember the power of rainbows. Higher perspectives or just plain new perspectives can help you reach a new vision or clarity. This is a moment of personal change and transformation, recognize the blessings in disguise in the midst of an apparent challenge. What has needed to be released is doing so, and what you have had to move on from will be replaced with that which aligns with the highest good.

A time of possibility and opportunity, look at all the things that can go right, and see the rainbows in the transformations.

Card 2

I keep it simple. I keep it real.

Sometimes all you can do is keep it real and simple for yourself. Get back into your own groove, step away from people and experiences in order to reclaim your own inner power. Take a few deep breaths and reconnect. Be real with yourself first and foremost. Listen to that truth whispering within you. Keep your thoughts focused on empowerment. Keep your emotions focused on balance and wellness.

Think about what keeping it simple and real means to you right now…

Don’t feed the fears or worries. Simply move on, take a deep breath and align with your current goals and visions.

Keep the truth simple and to the point.

Simplify your life in any way you can.

This is a good time to take a break and reconnect with yourself, Too much time being spent on worry and not enough being spent on joy and peace. Take some time to reflect on ways that you can improve your own health and wellness in the coming weeks.

Card 3

I will have faith in a higher power and trust that everything is working out for me.

Let the Universe be your beacon this month as you set forth with some new chapters, ideas and inspirations. Let your faith be bigger than your fears, or at least, let your faith in a higher power help you work through those fears. You know that almost everything has worked out in the past how it was suppose to, even if some things were not as you planned, they still led you to somewhere you needed to be. The same is true for the path right now. You may not know the end result but you know you need to go! Your inner guide is yelling at you to take a chance on yourself and your goals! You are strong enought to work through anything that comes your way.

The Universe TRUSTS YOU!


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