Weekly Empowerment Reading

Weekly Empowerment Reading

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Card 1


Mental Clarity, Awakening, Beauty

Weekly Challenge: Be present each day, let the flow of things unveil the truth as you work towards the solutions and answers.

Things are becoming very clear to you, there is an awakening happening in your life and who you thought you were is nothing compared to who you know you want to be. You are in a self discovery phase in life, getting to know what you want, who you want around you and where you feel called to go. Pay attention to this “new you” and what that means to your boundaries, choices and life.

Beautiful things are blooming and life is getting ready to blossom with your best laid intentions and visions.

Card 2


Lessons, Growth, Trust

Weekly Challenge: See the opportunities to grow each day. What are the lessons being shown?

Message: Do not take things too seriously or you will get caught up in the ego’s perspective, instead choose the side of you that believes in miracles, love and solutions. This week may try your patience, your spirit and even your balance, but you know better, you know the way to higher ground.  This is a time for lessons and growth so look at what is happening as such. How can you grow from this? What are you learning? Where is the silver lining? because there is a silver lining you can trust in that.

You will need to take the high road and use your inner light to glow into the challenges. Don’t forget to be kind to the car in front of you that is not doing the speed limit or the cashier who’s had a long day… we are brought people and situations in our life to show us who we are and who we can be no matter what.

Remember there is a choice to grow and expand your heart at all times.

Messages may also come from a Spirit Animal. You may see one in a dream, the sky, even driving by one or on a image with a quote. Pay attention to an animal that crosses your path.

Card 3


Inner Power, True Self, Potential

Weekly Challenge: Summon your inner power each morning by calling on your strength, intuition and higher self.

Message: Now is not the time to get sidetracked, you need to stay focused and clear about what you are wanting to manifest in your life. There is a huge amount of potential energy surrounding you and your goals and you will need to step into your power and make some choices that align with your True Self.

You know who you are now and you wont settle for less than the person you want to be. You will achieve a goal you have set out to accomplish with dedication and determination. This is the week to hit the RESET button as you make a new commitment and intention for the success of your goal. Review and evaluate what you need to change as well as maybe some new things you could learn or do to help your goal succeed. Use your intuition to guide you as you set a new plan in place for achieving the next step on your journey to success.

The Hawk on this card represents a spiritual path and journey is unfolding. Grow your intuition and spiritual side, focus on your inner knowing and the Divine. You may also be visited in a dream with a message of guidance and insight.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.


Cards used today are from the

Spirit of the Wheel Meditation deck by Linda Ewashina

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