Weekly Empowerment – Balance & Renew

Weekly Empowerment – Balance & Renew

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Card 1

YOU ARE MAGIC, STARDUST IN HUMAN FORM Manifesting & Resourcefulness

From your ability to envision your future to your ability to bring it to fruition – you are the co-creator of your dreams and reality.

You have the power to bring your dreams to life! you are the magician with the Midas touch. You have the skills, talents and inspiration you need, it is all with you right now. You are the Universe and the Universe is you. Know that you already have everything you need to make things happen.

You may need more focus and planning for this next cycle in your life. The Universe is asking for your mental and emotional clarity right now so take a deep breathe beautiful and be wise and resourceful to your dreams and goals right now. You may need to think outside the box with a certain goal or intention, remember that the Universe always has a plan and leads you to where you need to be. Surrender to the flow and keep your heart and mind open.

There is also a message to practice what you preach! You may be great at giving your own advice but haven’t been following it for yourself. Pay attention to what you are not practicing but preach to others! It is time to get real and authentic with yourself beautiful. Be gentle, kind and empowering now.

Card 2


Brave Soul, Inner Spirit

What about you could shine a little more brightly?

It is important to be you! You are not here to fit an image or to be like anyone else. You are allowed to like chocolate over vanilla. You are allowed to love dogs and cats both! You can love red and blue but not purple if you want, as long as you are being yourself and standing in your beautiful power.

You do not have to choose one over another. You do not have to compromise who you are to please others. Being accepted starts with accepting yourself for who you are, unique and beautiful.

Be brave. You have your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs, there is no doubt about that. Changing who you are to please or appease the person or situation is not healthy. Look at anything you are coddling or enabling due to any fears or lack of confidence in yourself  and choose to see how you could change things around.

It is okay to be you and to stand in your truth.

It is okay for others to stand in their truth.

If anything, the best thing about life is the choices we get to make to align with our truth. We must make sure though that our truth is aligned with the Universal truth of love, peace and understanding.

Card 3


Rebirth, Opportunity

Life is changing and moving with the tides of the Universe and you are building the next chapter.


Do you feel that? that’s your heart and soul shouting out yaasssssss! This is what I want! this is what I believe in! I am ready!

You are ready to rise and shift. Recent choices you have made for your personal wellbeing, career, finances and even love life have been well received by the Universe. Give yourself permission to move even more forward and into a new chapter. There may be some things you get to “redo” that you have wanted to change. You may also meet a mentor or receive advice from someone who can help open your eyes to possibilities. Significant opportunities are flowing into your life right now and all you have to do is be ready to receive.

Consider the current place you are in life and ask

Do I want to learn more? Grow more?

Do I want to change a certain piece of my life?

Am I floating or flying?

There is also a message that certain endings will need your acceptance and love before you can move forward fully. If something has happened in the recent past that has caused some challenges and changes, the best thing you can do is make a new plan, set your intentions and rise above. There is a saying “this too shall pass” and things do work out in the end.  Rebirth is imminent.

This is a time to explore all opportunities, “try on” new things and see what fits for you. Maybe you want a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A recipe that dreams are made of.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

Todays cards are from the Sacred Creators Oracle Deck by Chris-Anne

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