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Transform Your Life Empowerment Reading


Card 1

My Prayers are Spoken with the Intention for the Highest Good

It is a good time to have your prayers answered,  not all of them will be answered the way you would like, but they will be answered for the highest good. Set the intention to ask for what you need and have faith in what then needs to happen.

When you pray, do so because you want to be directed to the path that is best for you or all involved. Let go of expectations and allow your prayers to be answered in the way they need to be.

Practice praying every day, not just for what you want, but for what you already have. Saying thank you and sending out a prayer of gratitude is one powerful way to communicate with your Angels and guides.

Thank you Universe, Angels, and Guides for the light you are shining upon my life.

Card 2

Abundance is my Birthright and Joy is my Power

You deserve abundance and are worthy of it in all its forms. It is your birthright and it comes from the power of joy. Joy is a state of being, each day you can be joyful and rejoice this joy to yourself.

Joy is power and as you look around, you will see joy’s energy at its finest. A gardener plants a flower with joy in their hearts, for the beauty it already is; even when it is a seed the gardener knows it will blossom with time, nurturing and love. As your life blossoms, you hold joy in your heart for its unfolding. The outer world can be dirt and mud but the flower can still grow and feel joy.

Card 3

I Learn to Fly by Spreading my Wings

Nothing gets accomplished unless you learn to push yourself and break your barriers. You will never know your own strength unless you allow yourself to be strong. You will never know what success is unless you do it. Learning to fly is about rising above. You may not know what comes after the steps you take, but you will always have your wings to allow you to soar.

Desire to love and believe in yourself NOW.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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