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The Universe wants you to know...

Empowerment Reading


Note 1

I choose love

Say the affirmation above on the card. Read it out loud and from the heart. Think about what this affirmation means to you.

Fear does not have to control you, it undeniably will rear its head more often than we would like, but it is not the one who is leading the way; you are.

When we choose LOVE, we consciously align with our True Self, the self that is understanding, forgiving, powerful, strong, confident and so much more. When we choose LOVE, we activate the energy of the Universe, realigning with our highest good and the good of all involved.

In a situation where fear is present, instead of being overcome by the energy of fear, replace it with the energy of LOVE. For example, if your fear is not having enough, turn the switch to love and become the solution to your abundance. When you block abundance with fear, you will not see the solutions of LOVE in front of you. These solutions may ask you to sacrifice your old way of thinking or perceiving, and replace it with a new one.

Recognize when you have chosen fear, you will know by the way you feel, and by the choices you make that take you further from where you want to be. Once you recognize your fears, you will then have the power to choose LOVE.

LOVE IS expanding joy, happiness, peace, and clarity to all areas of life that fear has taken over.

Note 2

Say the affirmation above on the card. Read it out loud and from the heart. Think about what this affirmation means to you.

You are one with all that is, and oneness is your true nature. When you are present within yourself, you become consciously aware of all that is connected to you. Your experiences become your teacher, your life becomes reflective. You no longer blame your experiences for what they have done to you, instead you allow them to show you who you can become and where you need to go.

Use “oneness” to help you balance and direct each days experiences. Reflect before you speak and act, how can your true nature make the experience or situation better? How can your conscious awareness bring light to the situation? What can you accomplish with your light this week?

See another point of view.

Hold compassion for an experience that is teaching you.

Allow your light to shine.

Make the situation better not worse.

Whenever you feel disconnected from life or your Source Energy (Universe and personal power) it is important to reconnect. Meditation, stillness, and deep breathing are all ways you can center and focus on your oneness. As you reconnect with Source Energy, you begin to see and feel that oneness surge through you.

Note 3

Pray for the Good

Say the affirmation above on the card. Read it out loud and from the heart. Think about what this affirmation means to you.

Send out a prayer for the Highest Good of All people and situations involved. Surrender this to the Universe.

Stop praying for a specific outcome, and start praying for the best possible opportunities and directions that are needed for growth, expansion, and success.

Accept and welcome the awareness that there is a higher power far greater than you, supporting and guiding you. When you welcome this, you open the doors to the possibilities.

Pray(communicate)every day,in a place of quiet and peace with the Universe and not just when you want something. Pray(communicate) because you want to build the Universal connection.

“Thank You Universe for being present today, please guide me to the highest good for all”.


Highest Good – It is our awareness that there is something more than we can see, greater than us, guiding and directing our highest good. When we step away from our sense of entitlements or our ideas of what our ego thinks it should be, we open a door to this power. As this doors opens, we begin to see the solutions and directions, and our faith in the greater good will require us to have faith and trust it is all working out. Some things will be, while others must not, it is all in what serves the best of all.

Today We Used The Universe Has Your Back Empowerment Cards By Gabby Bernstein

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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