The power in making a choice

The power in making a choice

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Every transformation begins with a choice to make a change and to overcome fears and beliefs that are holding you back.

To bring on transformation in our lives we  need to trust ourselves as we follow where our soul is guiding us. A decision to better your life is never an easy one, it takes focus, determination, willpower and a whole lot of self-love. It requires your presence and power . The present moment is always tugging at you to grow and expand from where you are, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The first step to transformation begins  with taking a look at where you are, what you feel, your goals, dreams, and the things that are out of balance. Once you have reflected, the next step is to be honest about here you want to go from here.

The present moment is where life begins to move forward, you make choices from where you are today.

Have you ever decided to do something only to find yourself scared to do it? Your fear is debilitating in many ways, limiting your strength and causing the illusion of entrapment. For example, a relationship that shows signs of being unhealthy; many choose to let their fears rule them and ignore their wellbeing. In most relationships, we are afraid to say what we mean and feel what we feel; we put it in a box and continue forward. As you learn later down the road, bottling up those feelings and thoughts can cause turmoil inwardly and outwardly.

If you are struggling with your emotional past, then the choice for betterment would come from the desire to be emotionally well. What would it take to become emotionally well? Perhaps seeing a therapist, or learning to talk about your emotions, you may not even understand why you feel the way you do. Maybe choosing to learn a new way of thinking or mindset could help. The choice to be well is always an option. You can create an action plan to gain the understanding, heling and balance you need. If your emotional struggle is with a significant relationship or situation that is out of your control, then the choice to be  made is the one that can help ease tension or challenges.

When making a choice for your wellbeing or even the highest good of all involved, need have to look at how much you want to hold onto and why and how much you want to let go of. Even if something was to “fall apart” perhaps it is doing so because it was not healthy or balanced to begin with. Life is full of moments of impact, there is no simple way to live it.  You wont always feel positive or be positive, but you can be-well. You can choose who you will be on every level. You require from yourself the responsibility to be-well in your thoughts and feelings so that your actions produce the results you need for your highest good.

When we make a a choice we are solely responsible for the way we implement it.  We can’t demand or make people change with us, nor can we become resentful that they are not changing. Same goes for the situations/experiences, we can only make the choices from where we are and as we do so, we often open doors to many blessings in disguise.

As you begin making choices and decisions that impact your life in a healthy way, you begin to grow stronger, wiser and confident in who you are.

What do you want to change? What choices do you need to make? What are you going to do about life? You are capable of doing all the inner work needed to transform your life. Take a moment to reflect upon your life and all that feels out of sync with your well being; be accepting of where you are, and let self-love, empowerment, truth and brave take over.

Practice getting out of your comfort zone

Visualize what it would feel and look like once you make a change you have been wanting to make. Stay focused on the highest good.

Trust in yourself, honor your emotions. Honor yourself!

Take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

Choose to surround yourself with the support network you deserve!

Expect to “fall down” sometimes, it happens and you will get back up and use what you have learned to help you move forward.

Feel more comfortable in your own skin, love who you are, love what you want.

Get to know your fears and why they are present in your life.

Make a wellbeing plan that allows you to have the opportunities to help yourself.




Keep Shining xo

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