Start Your Day Right!

Start Your Day Right!

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Start Your Day Right!

Empower your journey today!

Good Morning, it is a beautiful day!

One small change in your waking moment can turn your whole life around, yes, I said life, not just your day. You are coexisting in a universe; your life is in gravitational alignment with an entire planet orbiting in this vast universe. Your perception should begin here every morning; that your life is a miracle, surrounded by stars, galaxies, and a powerful divine consciousness just waiting for you to embrace your authentic power of divinity all while you let go of the ego entrapment.

The Universe wants to create miracles with you


How do you start your day off?

Do you get up and feel your feet on the ground, or do you wake up wishing you were back in bed. It matters how you start your day. Every morning starts a new day, the cycle of the night has refreshed you, you went to dreamland and did so much centered breathing throughout the night that your energy shifted and changed. During your sleeping hours, you are in a more natural state of being, your waking moments are no longer valid, the stress slips away, and the regeneration begins.

It is another story once you wake though isn’t it?  you jump right back into yesterdays and tomorrows energy, you forget about the day you just woke up to. Some of you may find yourselves waking up to get the day over with, while others will wake up not even knowing what to do. Some will remember all of yesterday, and others will focus on forgetting the now and concentrating on attaining happiness in the future. The day has begun disconnected and scattered all because it became just another day, a regular routine or a “normal” human experience you have gotten so used to.


The night before did you muddle through all your day’s moments? did you fall into bed exhausted? did you go to bed angry, sad, or stressed? Did you go to bed happy? How did you get into bed? Did you make it a regular routine?

Good Morning is not just about the saying; it is about the integrity you put behind it. To transform your life, you must first love waking up to this new day regardless of what you went to bed with. We often take all our worries, fears, stresses, and emotional baggage and carry them into every piece of our life, almost like a permanent tattoo we have decided to brand ourselves with. We do this because we don’t know what else to do with ourselves, when a weight comes down upon us, we believe that the best thing to do is carry it, it’s either that or face it, accept it, acknowledge what is wrong and then fix it.

You don’t wake up saying “I am healed”, but you do wake up saying “I am healing constantly”. It is a constant process of awareness and conscious choice to heal in every given moment. This is about healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually; asking yourself what you choose to feel vs. what the circumstance demands you feel, or, what you could do,  rather than what you always do.

The way to transformation is by conscious choice. and by beginning the day with this choice. You can accomplish great transformations with each connected and empowered movement you make. It is an illusion that you believe odds are stacked against you, or that you are alone in this existence. Your miracles start each day you take a breath and remind yourself that there is more to life than just a human existence.


  • Begin your day by opening your eyes, do not reach for a phone or jump out of bed. Set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier than you normally wake, spend this time embracing your joy and peace. – If you want to change your life, you must change your routines.
  • Plant both feet on the floor, do not jump out of bed and scramble to get the day over with. As you feel the floor beneath your feet, imagine your energy rooting into Mother Earth.
  • Ask the Universe to join you today in creating life with love and understanding. Invite your higher self to join todays unfolding. “Today is aligning with the divine Universe, as am I. Life is flowing miraculously with love”
  • As you invite your day in, pay close attention to those things you are grateful for. List them off and give thanks for them.
  • Notice your fears, what has crept in today. Stress? Anxiety? Worry? Sadness? Ask the Divine Universe to help you transform this fear into a higher understanding and truth so you can face it with love.
  • Nourish the body with healthy food, you only like the unhealthy food because it is addicting and entices you. Learn to notice why you eat unhealthy. We were not made to consume processed junk. We grew up being taught to.
  • Speak your day into existence. What will you accept today? What will you not accept?
  • Stand tall, head up, eyes level and aware. Be alert to life. Pay attention to all the beauty around you.
  • Nourish the mind. Create inner dialogue that is honest, loving and empowering. Catch yourself when the ego steps in. You know what ego is. It creates dissatisfaction.
  • Nourish the soul. Your day needs you. Your life needs you. You can feel joy, happiness and love today. You can enjoy life, in fact, you need to. You must give yourself permission to do so.
  • Learn something new. Start something new. Finish what you started.
  • Be a student as well as a teacher. Life is constantly giving you experience.
  • Heal constantly. Do not stop healing, every day will ask this of you.
  • Do not compare yourself to the outer world. Do not compare at all. Find your own power and stand in it.



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Keep Shining xo

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