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Spirit Guide Messages


Card 1

Earth Renewal Moon

Greater Responsibility | Inner Knowing | Teaching

You are being given a great responsibility right now to learn a valuable lesson from certain experiences that you have been dealing with. Nothing is more powerful than taking the knowledge and wisdom gained and using it to guide you forward.

Your spirit guides would like you to know that this is a time of renewal for you. You will need to take into consideration that sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to gain momentum. Some plans need revisions- be objective in your decision making and realistic with how you proceed. Look at all options with an open mind.   Use your intuition to illuminate anything that you are using to limit your progress. For example, you want to sell a house but do not want to use a realtor to do so. You try your best to make it happen but it does not work. The sacrifice would be too look at what you truly want in the bigger picture of things and make an adjustment to any limitations you are being stubborn about. 

Often it is about the greater responsibility to the bigger picture and desired outcome that has to be aligned with in order to make progress. 

Card 2

Father Sun

Direction | Illumination | Active Growth

Everything is being watched over for you by your guides, The Universe has your back. Keep your thoughts focused and empowered on what you want to manifest or create right now. There is an abundance of insight and guidance coming your way!

Your spirit guides want you to know that they will illuminate the answers you seek by sending signs, synchronicities, and inspirations your way. Pay attention to the inner ideas, epiphanies and “a-ha” moments you have this next month, the divine is and will continue to speak to you loud and clear. Do not discredit any inspirations that flow your way.

You are on the right path with a current goal, vision or idea. Spend time in meditation focused on the love and positive energy you wish to give your current intentions and plans. Make a commitment to your visions energetically first!.

Take all signs into consideration, interpret what they mean to your situation, question or current intentions.

Taking a trip, planning an event, following your dreams, making a commitment – Father Sun lights the path and promises abundance and fulfillment.

Card 3


Awareness | Co-Creation | Change

There is no time like the present to go for it, to make the change, or take a leap of faith. You are aware of the truth and the vision of where things need to go. A caution is given though to step out of any ego based energy and do a scan of your current vibration! Your vibe sends a message loud and clear.

Your spirit guides would like you to know that this is a time of co-creation and faith. You can expect delays to be over and new energy to open up with certain situations you have been dealing with. If you want something to get done you will need to ask what you can do to co-create the change.

If you have been waiting on a situation to move or change, perhaps it is time to stop leaving it all in the hands of the outside forces and begin taking on some of the steps you need to create movement. For example: If you are waiting for someone else to make a move, stop waiting and start taking your own action.

Pay attention to any spirit animals that cross your path in these next few days for they have a message for you. Look up the meaning of your spirit animal and use it to guide you.  

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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