Spirit Animal Reading To Guide You On Your Journey


Crow Medicine: Magic and manifesting. Messenger of the highest good. Omen of change and transformations. A sign your guides are close by.

When Crow flies into your life you can be assured that you are not alone and have the full support and direction of the Universe. There are a few things you will need to do on this journey right now like paying attention to your intuition, being resourceful and adaptable as well as standing in your truth and power. There are definite changes unfolding for your highest good and you can trust the path that is coming forward to you.

Be mindful and pay attention to things that do not seem to fit or feel right, don’t be tempted to fall for the “shiny” things. Stay present in choosing what feels good and aligned with you. You may also be feeling a certain vibe about something or someone, be sure not to fall into your ego with this one! instead try meditating and asking the Universe to take the lead and let it go where it needs to flow.

For those of you tapping into your spiritual sides right now, this is the perfect time to enhance your intuition and connections to the light within you. Psychic and intuitive activations are heightened right now. Bring a more solid practice into your daily personal life through meditation, cards, journaling and healing modalities that resonate with you. Your guides are working closely with you right now. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities.


Eagle Medicine: Inner strengths, leadership and higher power. Creating visions and following through. Staying grounded to the true meaning of life. The Eagle represents the call of the spirit; your spirit, divine spirit and all that is Universe and Creator.

When Eagle flies into your life it is time to get grounded and set some strong and solid foundations for this next chapter that is entering your life. It is time to reflect and utilize the wisdom and truth that comes forward every time you think about that specific situation or experience. A time for action and taking the necessary steps to create the pathways to your success. Eagle asks you to stretch your limits and soar above the challenges that you may be carrying in your heart and mind. Have courage as you explore new ways to heal, grow and evolve.

What day-to-day living are you struggling with? You may be faced with some choices regarding life, work, home or even relationships that need you to take full responsibility for yourself so that you can step forward. Bring awareness into what you want to change and honestly look at the steps you need to take.

Eagle will carry your vision to the Universe and ask for all to be revealed to you soon.


Hawk Medicine: Become observant of life. Staying present in the moment. Staying calm and flexible to the flow of life. Overcoming challenges. A protector of your mind, body and spirit.

When Hawk flies into your life at a time when you need to step back and detach, let things unfold a bit more. There is something you may not being seeing clearly or perhaps you feel a bit uncertain and need a little break from trying to figure out from the stance you are in right now. Use your intuition and logic at the same time not just one or the other! It is important to balance the mind and spirit together so that they can both help you think and feel from a more empowered place. Be the observer through the lens of the Universe and Creator. There is something happening behind the scenes that will ultimately help you in the long run.

Gather your calm and surrender your worries to the Universe. Take a breath and hit the reset button. Trust that everything is being revealed and it will be important not to let your emotions get the best of you. It will be ok, it always flows where it needs to go, you can trust that.

Hawk is protecting you on this journey as you uncover the path forward, know you are not alone.

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