Soulful Empowerment for the Journey – Empower Your Mindsets and Perspective!

Feather 1 – Get Grounded!

Take a deep breath, gather your strength, peace and light. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your power right now. Break away from any negative and toxic energy, even if it is just for a day in order to regroup. Get grounded each morning with a simple breath of intention in your energy, thoughts and emotions. Your energy imprints everywhere you go so be present in your wellness and empowerment. You are able to see more clarity or feel more in tune when you give yourself the opportunity to get grounded in your power.

Breathe in life force – think of the things you want to welcome into your mind, body and soul. Focus on breathing in with love, strength and peace.

Breathe out with empowerment and clear intentions – slowly let your breath out as you focus on rooting your energy with the Universe. Visualize roots of energy from you going into the Universe and connecting.

Stay grounded in your Spirit throughout the day by remembering this simple act of connection you can do whenever you need to.

Energy flows where intention goes.

Feather 2 – Welcome Home

Home is where you feel safe, loved, empowered and inspired. Home is where your mind, body and spirit are nourished. Home is your inner light and the space where you can grow.

Welcome to your new chapter.

Welcome to your success.

Welcome to your next adventure and everything you are wanting to create.

Be open and ready to receive yourself. All of your truth, your visions, goals, hopes and dreams.

You are enough. You get to define what success means to you not what it means to society and that system of comparison. You are beautiful just as you are, and if you want to change anything about yourself or your life do so because you want to love yourself more not because you think you are not good enough.

Welcome in the reflection right now about what home means to you on this chapter of the journey. How do you want to bring more balance to your every day life? What relationships do you wish to empower? What goals are you setting? What healing do you feel guided to do?

Feather 3 – So be it, and so it is

“I now call upon the Universe to show me the way. Help my mind and heart reach a partnership. Guide me to the highest good.”

So Be it and so it is. The Universe hears your asking and aligns with your energy of intention and action. Believe in something more, become more connected to your inner light and guide. Live life with the certainty that you are fully supported as you follow the truth within your soul.

It is a practice to trust the Universe. A daily commitment to building a relationship and foundation that allows you to work through fears and doubts as you allow your life to unfold in divine time and synchronicity.

Is life perfect? no. Will you be free of challenges? no. Will you be supported and guided as you empower this connection? yes. Will you know yourself better and stand in your power with each choice you make to align with your inner light and power? yes.

Converse with the Universe, let your goals and visions be known as you let go of control and trust that as you work towards your best self the Universe will align you with what you need.

Much love to you on your journey!

Empower yourself daily and create opportunities for your personal growth.

xo Naomi

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