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9 Signs You Might Be Experiencing A Vibrational Shift

814 480 Naomi Mailhot

9 Signs You Might Be Experiencing Vibrational Shift Are any of these happening to you? Life has a way of trying to shift us away from the standard way of living and into a more…

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THE CUBE PERSONALITY TEST – What Does It Reveal About You?

600 340 Naomi Mailhot

Get ready for some interesting insight in this personality test which is designed to help you see deeper into your subconscious to gain insight. The cube test was developed by a Japanese psychologist who wanted…

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11 Profound Ways The Divine Universe Is Guiding You

630 420 Naomi Mailhot

11 Profound Ways the Divine Universe is Guiding You 11 Profound Ways The Divine Universe Is Guiding You I never started seeing signs until I began paying attention, and looking back I guess I was…

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Are You Finding Feathers? Here Is What It Could Mean To You..

476 340 Naomi Mailhot

Here is what it could mean to you… Are You Finding Feathers? Have you been finding feathers along your path? There may be a message of guidance for you if you have. The Angels and…

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Ego Vs. Soul – Which one leads the way for you?

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Which One Leads the Way For You? Ego vs. Soul The  Ego is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and unconscious and is responsible for the REALITY testing and a sense…

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Have You Been Finding Dimes? Here’s What It Could Mean

768 365 Naomi Mailhot

Have You Been Finding Dimes? Here’s What It Could Mean… Have you been finding dimes in unexpected places, or maybe you have been finding dozens of them it seems like its non stop. You have…

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Dear Universe

300 225 Naomi Mailhot

Dear Universe, Work through me today and show me the road to success. I am ready to see solutions and answers. Let the solutions and answers happen as they need to. Let your day unfold…

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