What Sign Have You Received Lately?

Often after we lose a loved one we get caught up in their loss that we forget to welcome in their spirit. It is important that you become mindful of not just the everyday life but also a more spiritual approach to life;  the more you do, they stronger the signs and connections become. Here are just a few ways your loved ones try to get your attention, keep in mind also that it is not just loved ones passed that send signs, your angels, guides and the Universe will also use these methods of communication.

Signs from your loved ones in spirit


Dream visitations, or waking up with them on your mind  – your loved ones love to send you into a dream state with them, they can talk with you and show you visions that you may need to interpret. They may not always show up as their human form though, I once had a white owl come in my dream which I called by my loved ones name.


Sensing their presence, you may get goosebumps or shivers – pay attention to when you sense or feel as if your loved one is near. Maybe you feel like they are sitting in their old chair, or when you do something that reminds you of them. When you get goosebumps or shivers out of nowhere and you have sensed a presence, it means that they are near.


Hearing their song(s) come on at just the right time – when a song comes in that makes you think of them at just the right time, they are listening with you. Songs are sent to help us heal, to give us messages and to comfort us in our time of reflection. Songs can also make us feel empowered and uplift our souls when we are feeling low.

Meditation (with music) is also a way to connect with your guides, The Universe and your loved ones passed.


Their scent comes to you out of nowhere, or smells remind you of them. – perfume, cologne, flowers and even cigarette smoke are just a few scents that you may have smelled out of nowhere.


Finding coins, feathers, butterflies, and more. – I find dimes everywhere, I could have just vacuumed my floor and I turn around and a dime is there. They are common everyday things we use, but you will know it’s a sign when it makes you think “I wonder if it’s a sign!” Same goes for butterflies, feathers and more. Feel the love and support when you are given a sign on your path.


Strange electrical occurrences, and temperature changes. – phones surge, lights flicker, and strange things happen to your things! You may also feel the temperature change suddenly from hot to cold or vice versa.


You receive a synchronicity or serendipity moment. – your loved ones passed love bringing you moments that line up for you in a divine way. They are always guiding you, so the next time a “coincidence” happens, know it is them helping you along.

If you ask your grandma for a sign and later that day someone brings you lilacs (which were her favorite), that was her sending you some love.

If you happen upon a book or conversation that seems to hold meaning to your questions, that is a synchronicity from the Universe.

Pay attention to synchronicity!


This is a for sure sign they are near!

Yes, you probably think about them often, but I am talking about a crazy day where you just can’t get them off your mind, it feels like you are in a fog, and everywhere you look you are reminded of them. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about their words of wisdom or their favorite place to go with you, all these memories are not just your own, but theirs as well. When you cant get them off your mind it is because they need you to stop and listen for them.

Sit quietly for a moment or two and take a few breaths in. Let memories come, listen for their loving voice, let the moment sweep you away.