Transform Your Life & Create Miracles
Whether you need empowerment, healing, connection or spiritual guidance,
Naomi offers sessions customized just for you.
Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions include 30 & 60 minute readings, Energy Tuning & Meditation and Souls Journey Sessions as well as Transform Your Life Coaching Sessions.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions range from 4 – 12 people. These sessions can be home parties, special occasions such as bridal showers, company-based activities and more. Naomi also offers Party/Function mini readings in addition to the group session.


Find your inner peace, overcome your fears with Coaching Workshops. Transform Your Life Workshop focus on helping you retrain your mind as you open up to the miracles inside you.

How to book your session with Naomi

Choose Session – Read through each description below to help guide you in finding the session that best suits your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact Naomi if you have questions or are not quite sure which session would benefit you the most.

Contact Naomi – Once you know which session you would like to book, contact Naomi through the booking form at the bottom of this page to find out her availability for that session.

Choose Payment – You can pay for your session in 2 ways:
1)  Online – click the ‘Pay Online’ Button under each session description. This takes you to our SHOP page and payments are made through PayPal Secure Payment Process (Don’t worry, you don’t need PayPal account to use our online method).
2) Make arrangement with Naomi for an email transfer.

*Please note: Session payments can be made prior to confirming session date with Naomi.

**Please Read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.

Experience the Power of Healing

Naomi offers sessions conducted via
Phone, Skype, FaceTime and in Person.
Sessions are not recorded by Naomi so it is up to you to keep notes!

For more info, contact Naomi

Individual Sessions

Individual Session

30 minutes
  • An in depth look at past, present and future with guidance and insight for all your important questions.

    Tap into what you need to hear to put you on the right path.

    There is also connections to loved ones passed, angels and guides, bringing through messages and guidance with love and light.

  • 30 Min - $110

Individual Session

60 Minutes
  • An unforgettable experience of healing and connection. Learn about your future, heal from your past, and empower your present life with guidance and insight from your spiritual team on the other side. Connect to loved ones passed and experience the “knowing” that you truly are connecting to your loved ones as messages and memories are brought forth.

  • 60 min - $190

Individual Session

Energy Tuning & Meditation
  • Using a Crystal Tuning fork, crystals, and knowledge of the aura and biofield, we tune into your frequcy and help you reset, recharge and renew your vital energy within your Aura Field and your Chakra systems. We work with each Chakra center to recharge and align your energy system to better your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Frequency and vibration are used to remove energy blocks, recharge your power centers and help facilitate healing exactly where you need it.

    You also receive a meditation journey with each tuning that is guided specifically for you by Naomi and your spirit guides. She taps into what you need and then takes you down your own personal meditation journey.

    There are also meditations to visit and connect with your guides, loved ones passed and angels as well as Mindful Meditations set to a specific area you would like to work on such as abundance, healing or love.
  • 30 min - $70
    45 min - $120

Individual Session

Souls Journey

  • Empower and inspire your life! Take back your power and uncover your soul potential. This session is set specifically to help you become the best version of yourself and helps guide you to your success. We take a look at what is blocking you and how you can release yourself from limitations and feeling stuck. There is so much to gain from this session to help you on your Souls Journey.

    This session also includes:

    Colour therapy – What is the best shade for your success!

    Crystal Healing – We will match you with your master crystal that can help you heal your life.

    Affirmation/Mantra to help build your success.

    A 3 card empowerment reading asking what the Universe wants you to know.

    Life Path Number – A look at your attributes and power.

  • 60 min - $220
    90 min - $300

Individual Coaching Sessions

Transform Your Life Coaching
  • Find your inner peace, overcome your fears, and uncover your true potential to create Miracles in our life.

    Gain understanding and raise your perception as we work on all those things that are weighing you down.

    We dive into your blocks and lower energies so we can remove them and raise your vibration through Conscious awareness and mindfulness.

    You will learn how to manifest and create miracles in your life by tapping into your consciousness.

    *For best results, Naomi recommends 3 sessions.
  • 1 Session - $140
    3 Sessions - $380

Group Sessions

Group Session

Family and Friends
  • Want to have a reading in the comfort of your own home surrounded by family and close friends?

    My group sessions offer this incredible experience of connection and healing for everyone who comes!

    Each person leaves with a message and beautiful connections made.

    *Please note: There may be a travel cost as well depending on location of group session. Please check with Naomi for more details and bookings.
  • Prices Vary on # of People & Length of Time

Group Session

Parties & Functions
  • Having a bridal shower, birthday, or any type of celebration? I come to you and stay for a few hours doing mini readings!

    *Please note: There may be a travel cost as well depending on location of group session. Please check with Naomi for more details and bookings.
  • Prices Vary on # of People & Length of Time


Group Workshop

Transform Your Life Workshop
  • Want to take a step towards transforming your life?

    The Transform Your Life Workshop can help! With the focus on helping you retrain your mind as you open up to the miracles inside you.

    There are 3 steps to transforming your life:

    STEP 1: Believing in yourself

    STEP 2: Wanting to change

    STEP 3: Making a commitment to change

    Abundance, success, balance and love are all available to you right now! When you step into your power
    and allow yourself the freedom to evolve, and then your reality becomes yours to create.

    Let’s take a look at where you are blocked and how you can use your inner power to transform your life in every way!
  • $65 + FREE Transformation Deck
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