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Sessions with Naomi Mailhot are customized to offer empowerment, healing, connection or spiritual guidance for individuals and groups.

How to book your session with Naomi

Choose Session – Read through each description below to help guide you in finding the session that best suits your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact Naomi if you have questions or are unsure which session would benefit you the most. I use many different tools to read in all sessions, such as Tarot, Oracle, mediumship, intuition, and energy.

Contact Naomi – Once you know which session you would like to book, contact Naomi through the booking form at the bottom of this page to find out her availability for that session.

Choose Payment – You can pay for your session in 2 ways:
1) Online – click the ‘Pay Online’ Button under each session description which takes you to our SHOP page, and payments are made via PayPal’s Secure Payment Process (Don’t worry, you don’t need a PayPal account to use our online method).
2) Make arrangements with Naomi for an email transfer.

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A Path Towards Healing

Naomi offers sessions conducted via
Phone, Skype, FaceTime and in Person.

Sessions are not recorded by Naomi so it is up to you to keep notes!

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Individual Sessions

30 & 60 Minute Readings

Reading and Empowerment sessions that embody everything you need from healing insight, empowering guidance and spiritual connections. These sessions tap into all areas of your life and help guide you on your journey.

Whether you are looking for future guidance, past healing or connections to loved ones passed, a 30 or 60minute session is what you are looking for. These sessions are also full of messages and information that can help you better your life and journey.

30 Min $110 |   60 min  $190

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Soul’s Journey

Empower and inspire your life! Take a journey and uncover your soul potential. A session that helps guide you to your success, growth and glow! Guidance and insight for the past, present and future you! An in depth reading with much to gain!

This session 7 insightful readings for your journey:

♦ Colour Reading – What is your empowering hue? Let’s find out and see what it means to you.
♦ Crystal Reading – Discover your Souls Journey crystal message and talisman.
♦ Affirmation/Mantra – empowerment and mindsets to help build your success.
♦ A 3 card empowerment spread with guidance from the Universe.
♦ Angel Reading – What do your angels guide you with.
♦ Self Love Message – reconnect and renew your personal power.
♦ Life Path Number Message– A look at your attributes and power.

$220 / 60 min Session 

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Personalized Guided Meditation

A personalized meditation journey created for you! This session is set to a specific healing, goal or empowerment that you are seeking in your life! I will help guide you within to illuminate the path as you receive signs, messages and visions you may need. You can also get a personalized meditation to meet spirit animals, guides and loved ones passed.

I chat with you upon booking to get to know what you are looking for such as healing, peace, personal success, love and more, and then I create a guided meditation and energy healing that focuses on this. After the session we talk about what came up and what messages and symbolism has come through for you.

These sessions can be done online and in person.

$110 / 60 min Session

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Energy Healing

Reset, recharge and renew your mind, body and soul with an energy healing session. We work with each energy center to activate and align your system to better your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Frequency and vibration are used to remove energy blocks, recharge your power centers and help facilitate healing exactly where you need it. These sessions can help bring energy balance to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness.

Each session uses tuning forks, sound bowls, frequencies, aroma therapy, crystals and energy healing techniques that can help bring balance and renewal to your vitality and healing journey.

These sessions are recommended in person.

$90 / 60 min Session

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Empowerment Coaching

Reclaim your inner power and illuminate the journey ahead. Uncover your inner glow, work through your fears, and discover your unique potential to create miracles in your life. It is time to remember who you want to be and where you want to go! You are worthy and have everything you need to start.

These Sessions will help your personal growth journey and include:

Taking a look at what you want and what success means to you right now and then making a plan of action that you can start with. Learn to use empowerment tools and mindsets that will help you create stronger foundations for your personal goals and visions. We also tap into your intuition and reconnect you with your inner guide.

Uncover how to manifest the best of you and create those transformations and changes you are desiring in your life through healing patterns and your inner guidance system.

All coaching sessions are personalized to your journey! We take it step by step and walk through each session with guidance, insight, wisdom and tools specific to your journey and goal.

*For best results, Naomi recommends 3 sessions.

$140 / 1 Session
$380 / 3 Session package
$800 / 10 session package

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Group Sessions

Group Readings, Events & Parties

Would you like to have a reading in the comfort of your own home surrounded by family and close friends? Or are you planning a bridal shower, birthday or business event?

My group sessions offer this incredible experience of connection and healing for everyone who comes! Each person leaves with a message and a beautiful connection.

*Please note: There may be a travel cost as well depending on location of group session. Please check with Naomi for more details and bookings.

Prices Vary on # of People & Length of Time

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Transform Your Life Workshop

The first step on your journey to transforming your life begins with a moment of truth! Join me for an incredible day filled with empowerment, knowledge, guidance and success!

Let’s get to know what success means to you and how you can achieve it moving forward. Get clear on your desires, goals and intentions and begin making choices and decisions that will ultimately transform your life. Abundance, success, balance and love are all available to you right now! When you step into your power and allow yourself the freedom to evolve, and then your reality becomes yours to create.

I created this workshop from my experience of hitting a heavy and low rock bottom, losing everything and having no direction, to uncovering my potential, happiness and stability with a few profound tools, wisdoms, and mindsets. With focus and clarity I created a life, business and success that allows me to thrive how I want to. I want to help you do the same.

*Dates will be posted in events.
*Bookings are available for corporations and companies.

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What My Clients Say

Loved My Journey

I booked a guided meditation with Naomi and like many before, loved my journey, however, this session was personalized for me, which made the journey all that more special. This, however, was one of the most powerful journeys I have been. Naomi has such a gift and such a quiet soul. She has a way of delivering the messages you never knew you were waiting for. And has the gift of being spot on, it gives you goosebumps. I left this session feeling light and free, ready to conquer the world. Waiting for your book Naomi…Keep shining beautiful!

– Donna Strachan (Meditation Session)

Feeling So Empowered

Enjoyed my day at the Transform Your Life workshop with Naomi and a group of wonder women. Naomi is amazing, love her energy and I have walked away from this workshop feeling so empowered.

– Jacqueline Battist (Workshops)

Inspiring Afternoon

Transforming Your Life is a wonderful workshop. Naomi is so genuine and well spoken. Truly an inspiring afternoon.

– Shelly Deatherage (Workshops)

100% Accurate

In my reading with Naomi she was 100% accurate and things no one else knows she has an amazing gift. I believe she is here on this earth to help and she does it so well.

– Jaime Davey (Sessions)

Special Gift

The moments and people she touched on in our meeting were overwhelmingly accurate and I’ve seen things she said come to fruition! I was skeptical at first but by the end realized his woman has a special gift!

– Chelsea Pretty (Sessions)

Inspirational & Encouraging Speaker

Naomi is an inspiration and encouraging speaker. With her words she gets you to a deeper level of thinking and feeling.

– Dana Marie (Workshops)

I am in Awe!

Naomi was amazing! It was my first time to ever have a reading and I felt at ease. I went in thinking what I would ask but I didn’t have to do that. She led the way and spirit shined through. She was bang on, I am in awe  Thank you Naomi!!

– Desiree Ibanez (Sessions)

Absolutely Life Changing

Absolutely life changing experience with Naomi. She helped my mom & I get the closure that we needed, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Naomi knew things that nobody could have & I recommend anyone to go to her.

– Cassy Wildermuth (Sessions)

Incredible Reading

Incredible reading by Naomi. For the whole hour she was 99% correct on everything including things that only myself or maybe one other person would know. I had seen mediums before but Naomi was the only one who made me feel like my Dad was talking to me through her instead of just messages for her to say. If you believe in mediums she is the only one you need to see.

– Gary Fenrich (Sessions)

Amazing Workshop

I attended Naomi’s Transform Your Life workshop and it was amazing. The 4 hours flew by and helped me reaffirm that I am on the right path. The card deck she designed and uses was SPOT ON, and I will get tons of use out of it. I will be recommending this workshop to a few people. I cried with gratitude when we finished the workshop with a meditation because I was full of gratitude for the reminder that I know my truth and the Universe is supporting me in it. Thank you Naomi!

– Ali Anderson (Workshops)

Truly Gifted Psychic

I have had several readings with Naomi and every time it has been astounding!! I recommend Naomi if you want a truly gifted Psychic to give you a powerful and uplifting reading.

– Heather Gilette (Sessions)

Daily Inspiration

Transform Your Life and Create Miracles Empowerment Oracle Deck is such a nice way to start my day.  I pick a card and enjoy the daily inspiration it gives me for the rest of the day.

– Lea-ann G. (Transformational Deck)

Feel so Awake!

Thank you so much for giving me some clarity.. And just the guidance ive needed. This has been a profound experience.. I feel like a light has been lit. I have so much to think of and look forward to. Im so glad my Mother was present.. Brought me to my knees. Ive missed her so much. And to know my love is real and in the right place.. And im going to be heading into a new and exciting life.. A journey with something i feel so home with. I feel very blessed to have had this reading and to have made a connection with you Naomi.. Its been enlightening. Thank you so much. Your truly are an Earth Angel.

– G.Gzabo (Sessions)

Spiritual Path Reading

I had a spiritual path reading done with Naomi Mailhot. I felt such a connection to Naomi. Naomi is a beautiful soul and gives you all of her love and attention to you. She is very in tuned to spirit and feels all of the emotions as you do. I was totally lost and confused with with my life, and what direction my life was going. I was falling apart and had so much pain but since my reading with Naomi I see a whole new light and a whole new door has opened for me I feel so at peace and refreshed and have a sense of hope for once in my life. Naomi knew things about me and events that have happened in my life that no one would ever know. I am forever grateful to you Naomi you brought my life back I will follow all of your guidance and advice you have given. I feel joy and happiness. If you are looking for a caring, honest, compassionate person who does readings of any kind Naomi is the one. I will absolutely be consulting and connecting with Naomi again.

– S.Hernandez (Sessions)

Blessed to have a Reading

I am still dwelling in absolute awe of how spot on your ability to connect with spirit is.. You told me things that only I could know…. Truly amazing an I thank you again..  So look forward to keeping in touch xx

– Kelly Reid (Sessions)

Naomi's Integrity and Skill

We had a very powerful and unique session together. Absolutely divinely guided and Naomi stuck with me through it all. It is one of those life changing experiences I will never forget. I highly recommend Naomi to anyone who’s ready for the highest level of skill, depth and commitment from a Master at her trade who will walk hand and hand with you on a journey to your Soul.

– Jen Buscher (Sessions)

Unreal Experience!

Naomi told me things that no one ever knew and some things I had to confirm with my mother as I was unsure of myself about my father and she was spot on with everything she said right down to details as a newspaper and coffee in a certain mug in a certain room! She gave me so much relief from my reading I can not thank her enough totally 100% correct in everything she says would give her my time and money for a reading any day which I will be doing when I next feel stuck in life. Thank you so much, Naomi your awesome with your gift and whole hearted person! 100% recommend her!

– Angela Hardstaff (Sessions)

Profound Message

Her words & tools were set forth to empower me, help me get over the hump of fear & doubt. Then she shared a message from my grandfather that I wasn’t expecting that further validated what she was saying. I’m so grateful & honoured that I had the privilege to receive this gift. I’ve spoken with her before & thought that was that Awwww moment but after today the proper walls are standing tall & the healing begins. I’m moving forward with life with a new vision & light.

– Holly Frick (Sessions)

Reading with Naomi

This past Sunday. What a wonderful, wonderful soul. I waited to write my testimonial because I wanted to say this the right way?… I was so impressed with my reading. She had made me think about my life. My choices. She helped me heal in unexpected ways. It really choked me up, I found myself quite emotional. As I’m shy to be emotional with ppl I don’t know. She even connected with my young son. It was something amazing to watch. I’ll never ever forget it…. She reminded me of things I hadn’t thought about for years. About my grandma… I am so thankful….. Thank you so much… You have done much more than you think and I thank you!!

– Dannie Mikelle Lea Boucher (Sessions)

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