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Retreats & Workshops that help uncover your Sacred Self and activate your connection to Creator & Universe.

Your Journey Starts Here…

Are you feeling the INNER CALLING for a soul revolution? A desire for PROFOUND change and transformations?

Sacred Self Journey Retreats 

Uncover your Sacred Self and activate your connection to Creator & Universe through divine healing, empowerment and spiritual practices.

Unleash your INNER POWER as you create a pathway to your inner GUIDE & INTUITION. Learn how to:

  • Embody your spiritual power
  • Build a deeper CONNECTION to your soul’s journey
  • Uncover a purposeful way of living & being yourself
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • Illuminate the sacred POWER WITHIN YOU

2-Day Retreats keep it soulfully simple and illuminated with a weekend of guidance, stillness, peace, clarity, empowerment, connection and healing.

You can expect: Sacred Self Awakenings | Mindful Meditations | Grounding Practices | Sage, Sound & Energy Activations | Intuitive Empowerment Connections & Readings | Creating Pathways for your Personal Success | Wellness Practices for the Mind, Body and Spirit

*These Sacred Self JOURNEY Retreats & Workshops are offered throughout the year; however, they may also be booked for retreats, events or group functions.

Please contact Naomi for more information.

Sacred Self Journey Retreats with Naomi Mailhot - Cold Lake Group Retreat

Healing, Empowerment & Spiritual Practices

Upcoming Sacred Self Retreats

In Their Own Words…

I found a deep connection within myself

My sacred Journey –  this weekend I started my journey not sure what to expect but I leave today with a full heart and hope for my future self, along with a new perspective on life . I found a deep connection within myself and others that I shared this weekend with. Thank you naomi.  I will forever hold this weekend in my heart and memories.

– Jalynn

For anyone stuck!

For anyone stuck and choosing not to do things and stuff. (We call that lazy and procrastinating) Naomi calls that choosing not to do it.

Changing our words and the way we think, she explains that. If you get the chance to go to one of her retreats (I think they should be called Journeys) DO IT!!

She empowered 9 women this weekend on a whole different level of choosing. It was just wow. It’s not a magic pill, but she has set our mindsets on a different path; it’s going to take work daily, but even after being gone for 2 days from the weekend Journey I find myself talking myself out of “procrastination and lazy” I now tell myself I choose to just do it. I accomplished so much just yesterday.

Your soul is going to feel different. I now choose to think differently.

– Christa

I met some Incredible Women!

From start to finish this was amazing….I met some incredible women, and I found some things I didn’t know existed within myself.

When I agreed to take this journey, I knew that I had 3 in my corner that needed my support. I was only going to hold them up and give them strength to find themselves and find the strength they had within themselves, but I also knew that deep down, I needed this journey for myself.

Don’t ever be afraid to learn, don’t ever be afraid to do better and don’t ever be afraid to reach out. I hold the world on my shoulders. I have a lot of responsibilities in my life. Sometimes so much that I can’t answer when people ask me how I do it…..but I have learned that I am the keeper of my own energy. The universe fully supports me as I follow the truth within my soul. I choose to empower myself and others.

Naomi, you are a beautiful soul, and if you ever have the chance to get a reading, speak to her, or have her in your corner, jump in feet first. Fuck the shoes haha jump right in; I promise you will never regret it.

– Jamie

Such a beautiful soul!

Such a beautiful soul, Naomi was first put on my path about 6 or 7 years ago when she came to do readings in Cold Lake. From the first time I met her, I knew how special she was and I immediately felt a strong connection with her.

This weekend, she held a Journey with the Sacred Self Retreat in Cold Lake, AB. I learned so much from her and the 9 other beautiful women that took part in the retreat. I thank each and every one of you for being part of my sacred self-journey

– Angela

It was everything I didn't know I needed!

I just don’t even know how to put into words what this weekend meant to me. It was everything I didn’t know that I needed. I went into this weekend looking for some “clarity & connection” and you helped me to find that and so much more. I am so excited about the journey that lies ahead and I cannot wait to connect with you again soon!

– KM

I am Changed!

I just want to thank you again for sharing with me (all of us) the opportunity to be so much more connected and open. You invited us all into ourselves to reconnect, and I am changed.

– JK

Naomi changed my life!

The weekend retreat was life-changing and so meaningful to me. The information Naomi shared has caused a big perspective shift for me, and my daily life has been altered in the best way possible. I’m now on a new journey of connection, and I’m eager to learn more. Also, the singing bowls are not a MUST for my daily meditations (even though they are more powerful in person!). Thank you, Naomi, for sharing your journey and letting us know we are sacred and connected.

– Nicole J

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