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Soul Healing Session with Sound, Energy and Sage.


Take a healing journey and reset, recharge and renew your mind, body and soul.


Soul Healing Session with Sound, Energy and Sage.

Take a deep breath and reconnect to your inner power as you release the old energy and replenish the mind, body and spirit.

In the ambiance of light and frequency we will activate your inner power and take you on a journey of Soul Healing.

We begin grounding with aromatherapy, tapping breath work to call in your soulful power of peace, strength, love and light.

The Crystal Tuning Fork and sound bowl activation allows your energy to elevate and recalibrate as it aligns you with your authenticity and natural soul rhythms.

A Tibetan Sound Clearing & Smudge remove negative and built up energy in your aura and brings strength and empowerment to your journey.

Finally, an Energy Healing & Reading is given to help you stay true to your authentic self and your sacredness.

Reset, recharge and renew your soul as we activate each energy center and align your system to better your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

These sessions are recommended in person.