Note To Self

Note To Self

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Card 1

You’ve got this!

You are strong enough, brave enough and wise enough to work your way through anything. When you give the opportunity to believe in yourself something magical happens… you begin to take charge of your life.

Ask yourself this simple yet profound question and then listen to the answer you give…

“How can my strength and brave heart help me today?”

Card 2

You are that powerful .

Make conscious and deliberate choices regarding who and what you allow into your life and energy. Become more aware of your power to choose your highest good.

What feels right and what feels out of tune? Who is good energy and who do you need to set healthy boundaries with? How do you feel when you think about something or someone?

Tap into the vibe and energy of things and listen to the way your energy moves you.


Card 3

Just a little reminder…

You are amazing! You have your own unique light to shine!

Your dreams and goals matter, you matter, your happiness matters. You are not alone beautiful, you have what it takes to be everything you need in your life.

Look in the mirror and give yourself the self-love and appreciation you deserve. Love your body, love your scars, love that you are imperfect. Love that you want to be more abundant and healthy in your own life.

Take a chance on yourself, respect your values and your goals. Commit to making more feel good experiences for yourself. Change a habit or two! create a new healthy pattern. Self-love and dedication pay off!

Card 4

Time to unplug and recharge!

When you are in harmony with yourself, you create harmony around you. Take a moment to center your energy; things are working out, don’t put worry where it is not needed. Unplug and recharge your batteries!

Step away from the situation/experience/person/thought and give yourself some time, peace and calm.

Hit the reset button! If you can feel yourself out of sync with who you are or want to be take a day or two to get back in touch with your personal power.

This is more than a walk in the woods; it is walking in the woods with your feet planted firmly on the ground while you breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sounds of the birds singing, the water falls flowing and the wind in the trees.

It is more than just a break or a cup of coffee with a friend…It is a day to laugh, cry, and enjoy that cup of coffee while you renew your joy and spirit.


It is more than just a mental health day…it is your mental health day.

Reset, Recharge, Renew.

Card 5

Brave is better

Invite your fears for coffee. Sit down with them and engage in a conversation, remember to be brave as you look into their reflections and truths. Fear teaches us how to overcome where we are as we create the path forward.

Whatever you fear is there is an antidote – your brave spirit.

With all that you are, know your fears for what they are and with faith, trust yourself enough to overcome them.

Card 6

Communication opens doors

Speak your mind with confidence, communicate clearly what it is you are thinking and feeling. Open up the lines of communication first with yourself and then with others.

Gather your thoughts and feelings and have a good conversation with yourself about “it”, whatever “it” is. Know your truth and your motivations before you speak and react.

When it comes to you: Know what you want to say and why you want to say it. Look at your feelings and be sure to stand in your power with them. If you are upset with something or someone don’t fuel it even more. Honor your feelings but also take responsibility for the way you handle them.

If you are wanting more in your life in certain areas such as family, job, or even from yourself, communicate your desires with love and clear intention.

When it comes to people: If your reaction is coming from negative place then odds are you wont get very far. If you instead come from a place of peace and understanding, you open up the possibilities of a better conversation.

Keep Shining xo

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