New Moon Reading Empowerment

What does this New Moon Cycle have in store for you?


To transform our lives we must be willing to make some changes and decisions. This kind of transformation requires us to look at what we want and what we value as we move forward. With great inner strength and the desire to make those changes you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

Big changes, small changes, personal changes, life changes, health changes, whatever it is, do what makes your soul happy. Follow the tune of your joy and success. Make plans, set intentions, focus on the things that are going right. Mindsets, beliefs and perspectives will all need to be aligned with empowerment.

This new moon cycle is all about making those changes you want to make right now. Tune into your truth and start today. Step by step. Don’t rush.


Day dreaming is not silly, it is needed for the creative flow and inspirational ideas. Daydreaming is goal setting with a little twist of Universe goodness in it!

Create momentum with some mindsets, empowering beliefs and a vision of success. See yourself as abundant, prosperous and loved. Choose your energy and the way you wish to align with your goals and visions. Write about the things you will accomplish and the things you are grateful for. Hold space for your vision.

This new moon cycle is all about daydreaming and vision work! set your best intentions, journal them, ask the Universe for the magic of opportunity.


This card says it all, keep it simple, keep it real. Don’t overthink it or overanalyze it or even over do it! Don’t force it, push it, or even get all jumbled up about it!

Simply put, let it be and go with the flow of who you need to be in this moment. Trust your inner guide, take a look at your intuitive radar and honor the energy that is flowing in it. This new moon cycle is all about the highest good and the natural flow of life. Don’t put to much pressure on yourself or others, simply observe and be aware of the story being told. Staying present gives you access to wisdom, knowledge and intuitive insights.

Simplify life in all ways you feel you need to. Time to clean up the old and welcome in the new.

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