New Moon Reading 07-20-20

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Moon Phase A


In all of life there is only the illusion of separation. In fact, we are all reflections of one another. What if every choice you make is about an experience , a sharing, and an exploring? When you choose to see the unity in all things, magic abounds. Love is all around you, Spirit loves you unconditionally, and you can give and receive abundant love.

–  Message from The Good Tarot Cards by Colette Baron Reid

The power of love knows no bounds, it can heal, empower, transform and liberate every inch of your life. What you choose to do with love right now will shape the next chapter of your life! This New Moon cycle is going to bring you all the loving that you need so be open to receiving and giving love in all its beauty.

Love is in the air, this could mean a relationship you are starting or have been wanting is birthing into your life, this is an important moon cycle especially for single individuals! This can also indicate dreams or ideas being supported by the highest good and heralding a positive time of movement forward. If you have been waiting for something to happen for a long time, this new moon has some promises of new beginnings for you.

Love also indicates the divine interventions and synchronicities about to flow into your life that will guide you, have faith and trust in the wisdom of the Universe.

For the next month focus on harnessing the power of love. First give yourself some much needed love and support for all the hard work you do and for all the dreams you have.

Love is patient, love is kind, love is passionate, love is faith-full, love is compassionate, love is courageous, love is forgiving, love is healing.

Fill in the blank for yourself…

LOVE IS               ?

Now affirm: I will use love to empower my life now.

Moon Phase B


I put my light atop a hill so it can shine forth, helping others to find their way. I remain aware of shadows and people who have trouble basking in the warm light of higher awareness. I bless them but do not dim my own beacon. It’s time to renew my trust that I am contributing to the highest good of all in my own unique way.

– The Good Tarot cards By Colette Baron Reid

You will inspire those you are meant to, and for those who do not wish to bask in the light, allow them to be who they are but do not dim your light in any way. Relationships of all kinds are beginning to show signs of exactly where they are on the path with you and there are definitely changes happening as we speak to certain relationships. This new moon cycle will bring forth true colours in people, negative or positive, you will know who is staying and who is going.

Trust in the highest good, in fact, surrender to it. Let the Universe work some magic as you observe and take action when necessary. This New Moon cycle will have you working hard on yourself as you set some personal goals and intentions for the rest of the year. Time to get grounded and focused on the highest good. Ask yourself what brings you closer to your goals success and what drains your power, you will need to put more effort into aligning with your goals even if it is a small step to start with.

Connections/relationships will be very important this next month, you will more than likely be shown which ones are good for the soul and which ones need stronger boundaries to keep things healthy and balanced. Learn/read more about healthy boundaries, gain wisdom on this topic, this will help you to stand in your power.

Moon Phase C


I contemplate whether I want to continue singing the same song or change my tune. I am always free to go back to and reimagine what I might co-create. If what I manifested does not serve me as I thought it might, I don’t have to be afraid to admit is is no longer for me. Whatever I choose to do, I am not afraid to start over, for I feel assured that Spirit will always support my highest good.

-Message from the Good Tarot cards by Colette Baron Reid

It is a good time to reevaluate or reflect upon your goals, intentions and plans, Whatever is not working for you it is now time to try something new. This new moon cycle will ask you to look at those things you keep trying but are not feeling dedicated or committed to and decide how you will change course.

It is necessary to sometimes change it all up and start again! To refresh the page! It is like unplugging for a hot minute and then letting a shift happen. Don’t be afraid to let things end if that is what they are trying to do, don’t be afraid to let things transform how they need to – it is all about release and renewal, there is something good on its way, a whole new opportunity.

This card can also mean a shift has already happened and you are being guided to keep moving forward, there is something around the corner that will bring things into perspective and balance. Long term goals are seeds well planted, do not make any rash decisions, take a look at all options and opportunities that happen this month and remember what you asked for in terms of the highest good.

What song are you ready to sing? What lyrics do you need to change? What tune do you need to align with?


I make wise investments of my time, money, intentions, thoughts and energy.

Today’s cards were drawn from the Good Tarot Deck by Colette Baron Reid.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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