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Mindsets For Success

Choose Your Empowering affirmation and mindset for the week!



My true-self aligns me with my life’s abundance.


Personal Power and Choices

Think about who you want to be right now in this moment and align with the vision this self realization has given you. Your true self is the one who wants to do everything in their power to live their best life no matter if that means there is healing and learning to do.

Use your personal power to make a choice today that directly affects your mental and emotional wellbeing. It is all about the choices and you have many available to you right now.. Sometimes we do not believe we have a choice only because we are allowing the past, a person, or a moment to define our reality and give us the illusion that we are stuck. It is important to ask yourself what you are allowing to define your choices right now and step back into your power as you truthfully ask yourself what choice you want to align with.

This week is all about choices! allow yourself the opportunity to make some, you will not be disappointed and you may just be surprsied at what doors you do open for yourself.

The 3 C’s of life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life never change – Zig Ziglar


I am a magnet for abundance and positive energy when I use my personal power.

Manifest and Attract

You can manifest and attract  success and opportunities by aligning yourself with the personal power of love, faith, confidence, belief and vision. When you get to know your personal power on all these levels you will be able to see what you need to resolve in order to empower yourself. Belief systems are a good place to start because what you believe in will lead the way for you.

This week is about getting to know what you believe in and how you bleieve in it. Is it healthy? Does it add value? Are you inspired by it? Does your belief allow you the freedom to have faith, to love and to nourish?

You are a magnet for abundance, be open to receiving this abundance by creating beleifs and habits that empower your mental and emotional state of being. Success is attainable, there are many ways to become succesful and it all starts with one small step in the direction of a new and improved belief system!

Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature. – Steve Maraboli


My prayers are spoken with the intentions for the highest good

Meditation and Intention

Prayer is a form of communication that allows you to dial into Divine Consciousness as you access answers, solutions and guidance.

This week is about prayers, meditation and a moment each day for Divine communication. It is an act of humbleness and respect when you take the time (10 minutes) to sit down and send out your prayers with love and vision as you ask to be guided by the Divine you align with (Universe, Creator, Angels, God).

Keep a journal, this will help you communicate with clarity and vision; write down what you are praying for. Then ask the Divine ( who you align with such as Universe, God, Creator, Angels) to step in and guide you. End you prayer with love and faith. Pay attention to your day, week, and the experiences, people, situations and signs you are given. Come back to your journal and write down what you have received, this helps you to become more present and aware of the messages and guidance you are being guided with.

Prayer is talking to the Universe as if it were the good friend you call up daily for love, guidance and a just a good chat about life.  – Naomi


The Universe fully supports my decisions to overcome my fears!

Courage & Strength

Fear teaches us what we need to do for ourselves and why we need to do it. There is a door to opportunity behind every fear we carry, and as we become willing to overcome these fears those doors start to open up more doors, the opportunities then become abundant and more successful.

Why does this happen? Because facing your fears allows you the opportunity to align with your success, this gives you more confidence, more courage, more focus and more vision for your life. Facing your fears also brings you the chance to have faith in the Universe for you are now willing to have more faith and trust in yourself, your success and your wellbeing. The Universe fully supports your highest good and all that this aligns with.

This week take one of your fears and get to know what it means to you. How does it hold you back? does it have the power to do so or are you just allowing it to? Does your fear carry a valuable lesson(the anser is always yes to this) what is it? How can you help yourself overcome your fear(s)?

Ask the Universe to guide you on this, surrender your fear to the Universe and then align with overcoming what this fear holds you back from.

Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.


Cards used today were from the Transform Your Life and Create Miracles oracle deck and guidebook by Naomi Mailhot

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