Messages of Empowerment For Your Journey

Messages of Empowerment For Your Journey

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Your strengths are what make you push yourself further, or, what helps you to achieve success and momentum. They are your best qualities, your skills, and abilities.

Your strengths are more powerful than your weaknesses.

The Universe is asking you to focus your attention on your inner strength and use it to help gain momentum. Inner strength is the strength of the soul, so take a moment to reconnect with your soul power and choose your next course of actions wisely.

Be mindful of yourself this week, get clear on where you are needing your inner strength to help you. If your attention is on your weaknesses you will ultimately dis-empower yourself and life. When you focus on your inner strength your confidence and momentum build.


No matter the situation or circumstance, you have the power of now at your disposal, and it is important that you are willing to accept what is transpiring without resistance and go with the flow.

Here is a little note from the Universe…Life is flowing easily and you are experiencing the right moment and the right timing. There is nothing out of sorts, in fact, the flow is leading you to exactly the place you need to be. 

The Universe would like you to know that going with the flow is all about moving with life and the moments each day brings. Yes, I am sure you are tired of hearing about having to go with the flow, but perhaps you can look at it from a new perspective: When you let go and flow you are releasing all resistance and ego control so that you can unfold with the moments and stay present and focused. As you bring awareness to the unfolding, you are able to adapt and change to who you need to be in those moments.

Be mindful of what is happening, take into consideration what needs changing or how the flow of things is directing you. Life will always move better when you are willing to accept, adjust and allow for each day to show you your highest good. You will be guided to the right path, stay present as each day comes.

Guidance and insight will also come in the form of divine signs and synchronicities. Pay attention to the subtle messages you are receiving this way.


You are coexisting in a Universe, your life is resting here in space, surrounded by galaxies, stars and more. How awe-inspiring to let this reflection sink in. Your life is a miracle.

The Universe wants to create miracles with you.

The Universe would like to remind you of how miraculous you are and how no matter where you are or what you are doing, the Universe has your back. This week it is all about creating the foundations for what you want and setting your intentions/plans into motion with love, faith, trust and a huge helping of your miracle self.

What would a miracle do? How would a miracle think? What would a miracle say? You are the miracle you need right now and the Universe wants to create with you. Focus focus focus! there is work to be done and you need to step into your miracle-suit now more than ever.

Create a miracle within to help you see who you need to be or what you need to do.

Create a miracle of intention and planning and ask the Universe to guide you to opportunities.

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Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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