What Are The Real Benefits Of Meditation?

Good question and it took me far too long to discover these benefits – mental clarity, emotional balance, focused vision, inner guidance, but most importantly, soul connection.  If I had only meditated in my teens and onward I would have had a stronger sense of self-love, self-worth, and clarity –  without a doubt I know I would have had a better handle on my inner power.

Some people say meditation is not for them, I know, I use to be that person. I laughed at it, avoided it and saw no benefit it could have on my life.  I am pretty sure I was just afraid of getting reconnected with my True Self and learning how to be more mindful, present and conscious of life. In my early 30’s is when I decided to pick up meditation and try it, and as soon as I did, I put it back down because it was too hard to focus and “get there” wherever “there” was.  I kept telling myself I wasn’t connecting enough, nothing was happening or I was not doing it right. I tried to do it like the guru’s and the people on videos with all their meditation gear and knowledge. But I just wasn’t able to settle in or settle down with it.

I was blocked, shut off, and overwhelmed with how crazy my mind was and how unsettled my energy was when I gave it space to just be. You would think I would want to feel at peace, balanced and present right?  who doesn’t? So why was I having such a hard time settling into the practice of meditation?

Answer: I wasn’t doing it my way.

Meditation is given with an exact image of how you should do it and what it will do for you. Even when I say the word meditation you have formed a vision and idea of it. Maybe you see a monk sitting for hours cross-legged chanting, and feel like you are not as connected as they would be? Maybe you see a master or person who has done it for a long time and they are receiving all the benefits of meditation and you feel like you wouldn’t receive the same? Maybe you think that you will have all the answers in one sitting?

Whatever your idea is about meditation, drop it, erase it, let it go! Just let it be natural! Let it be what you need. 

At first, my way was at a beginners level, all I needed to do was know what I wanted to be enlightened on and then look up a specific meditation for it. My way was 3-5 minutes to start and over time it grew to 30-60 minutes in a sitting. Today I enjoy meditations of all kinds, some I can sit through and others I have a harder time, there is no right way or wrong way and It feels good not to have the pressure of being an expert at meditating.

FACT: Meditation is an incredible superpower! It can be anywhere! It does not have to be quiet or on top of a mountain! It is the simple practice of reflecting, connecting and recharging. When you begin to meditate you will feel pulled by many thoughts, feelings, and distractions, that is ok, you only need to remind yourself that you are here to reflect, connect and recharge.  You can also meditate without knowing it, like when a gardener is out tending to flowers, their mind is calm and at peace, their spirit is alive and connected and they begin talking to themselves and having visions of life, family and of course their flowers!

It is in a natural state that we find ourselves connected and at peace.  We benefit from this state of being. If you desire peace, meditate. If you desire success, meditate. If you just want to help yourself heal and thrive, meditate. There are many benefits to going within and connecting to Source Energy that provides you with balance and connection.

So how can you make your meditation journey successful and beneficial to you?

Reconnect With How You Want To Feel

First off, meditation is based on the practice of connecting to your True Self and higher consciousness. As you set out to meditate you only need to have the desire to become enlightened.  Wherever you decide to meditate, whether it be in a garden, sacred space or a place you feel at ease – all you need is you.

What you are desiring or wanting in your life is the place to start your meditation, and your willingness to become enlightened creates the space for the mind to quiet down and be still. Your meditation experience will benefit from you knowing and becoming aware of how you want to feel and holding yourself accountable for this feeling and desire. Meditation can and will bring you closer to your True Self and that which you value in life.

Buddha was asked: “What have you gained from Meditation?” He replied: “Nothing.” “However”, Buddha said, “let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old, Age, and Death.”

Choose Your Meditation Method

There are many ways you can meditate and many types of meditations you can use for specific healings and guidance. Anything from peace, success, love, relationship and more – there is a meditation for it.

  • Guided meditations can help keep your mind focused on the voice so that you can be led to a vision or enlightenment. You can find many different guided meditations to help all your needs.
  • Breath Meditations can help open up your spirit and bring your energy into present alignment. Breath is life and these meditations reconnect you to this power.
  • Meditation Music (Theta, Binaural, and Frequency) are able to help change your vibration and tune you into your success. They are great reprogrammers on a cellular level.
  • Mantras are a favorite of mine, they are used to focus the mind on a sound or saying to help heal, empower and grow. It is also a great way to shift your energy and communicate with The Universe.
  • Mindful Meditations empower you to stay present and connected; Instead of going to the past or future, mindfulness keeps you present in your power today. A great meditation to use daily for success.
  • Body Scans/ Energy Scans can help show you where you may have emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy blocks and then help to remove or clear away the tension or energy of resistance that you may be holding on to.
  • Kundalini Meditation can get the energy of life moving within you. A great spiritual awakening happens when the kundalini is activated.
  • Chakra Healing Meditations can help you recharge and align your energy centers with their power and potential.

By the way, you can choose all of the above or a few, whichever ones work for you!

Make A Commitment

“The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other side”. – Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Beginner, intermediate or expert – you are guaranteed to receive a new “you” after meditation. You can have a new sense of direction, a new sense of clarity, a new sense of balance – your mind, body, soul, and spirit receive exactly what they need. So make a commitment, whether it is 10-20 minutes a day or 10-20 minutes every two days, choose a schedule that works for you. Morning, afternoon, evening or right before bed – you can meditate when you have the time!

What will you need?

An open mind, the willingness to try and a few items that will help you get comfortable. I like to put in my earphones, select a meditation on YouTube or Spotify, and sit on my meditation pillow (the meditation pillow is not a must have, I just like how it corrects my posture and makes it more comfortable) It all depend upon your comfort level and where you feel at rest. Meditation is all about you! so make sure it is comfortable and relaxing.

What will you gain? As much as you allow.

Happy Meditating!!

Keep Shining xo

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