June 2021 Reading

June 2021 Reading

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Card 1

Remain vigilant at this time, but not out of fear. Be logical but also intuitive. Be flexible yet focused. You will need to stay present and aware of the way things flow. Intuition will be heightened and your gut instincts will not be able to be ignored. Stand your ground when it comes to your goals and plans. Expect opportunities that will help move you forward; even the smallest ones can help. There are new waters to sail and you are coming out of the storm/challenge. You may also need to remind yourself of what you value in life, and as you align with your core values you set stronger healthy boundaries where they are needed.

June may challenge you to make those necessary choices even if you are afraid to make them. This month could also ask more of your strength and focus as you stay the course with your goals and intentions. There is always help on the way, so look for synchronicities and signs from the Universe. Be willing to put in the hard work and your efforts will pay off in one way or another.

Card 2

A new moon promise is being made to you, one that offers a new cycle or chapter in life. During the June New Moon cycle the energy will be flowing with a positive charge. This is the time to start something new whether it be a project, workshop/class, idea, goal or even move. The new moon in June may also be the time when things begin to move in the direction you have been praying for. If you have put something to the side and were waiting for the right moment, there is a promise of renewal and movement in this situation.

A promise can mean there will be a commitment made by you or someone else regarding relationship, home, career, health or goal. This card can also imply that something good will happen, or a change will bring good energy; the promise of things to come that align with your highest good and success.

Card 3

Take as much time as you need to reconnect and rekindle the flame within you. This is a time of personal growth and spiritual epiphanies. You may need to rethink routines and beliefs that no longer serve you in a way you feel good about. Think about this next month as YOU time! Take a break from those “things” that drain you like social media, gossip, politics, heavy energy people and those mindsets that get you nowhere.

June has some down time planned for you but this is in a good way! Maybe you are thinking of a little trip, a staycation away from it all? Maybe you have been feeling the need to detach and focus on what matters to you most? It is okay to want a little break from it all, you will still be productive and get things done but you now have the breathing space to also take care of you. This is a good month to recharge and set some new and improved routines and self-care practices. You may also find that you no longer wish to subject your energy to certain people and situations anymore. Moving forward in your wellbeing is the theme of the month.

Card 4

Cleansing, grounding and getting back into alignment. Taking a more spiritual approach to life. Growing stronger and more connected to the Universe. Use prayer and ritual to help you cleanse and clear the old energy as you send a prayer for new and balanced energy. Calm and empowering energy entering this cycle of life.

Before the month of June begins, take a moment to write down your goals and intentions. Light a candle, burn some sage, set the tone for this moment of intention.

Say a prayer to the Universe that goes like this: “Universe, I am ready for all kinds of success, abundance and joy in my life . I am ready to step up”

Doing a weekly intention and grounding will help you reach your success more. Asking for what you want with faith and trust.

You may also need to ask for help or guidance from a professional. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for what you need. Communication will ultimately create doors of opportunity.

Todays Oracle cards are from the Earth Magic Deck by Steven Framer.

As with any readings, it is at your discretion how you use your reading in your life.

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