Jump Start Your Vibe Right Now With These Simple Steps

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Recommit To Your Success!

Jump Start Your Vibe Right Now with These Simple Steps

In Need Of A Jump-Start?

Your goals, plans, visions, and ideas all need a jump start now and again, this is especially true when we find ourselves feeling like we are stuck in a rut or unclear of where things are headed. I know that the day to day routine can suck me into this comfort zone where I too get caught up in the outside forces and feel like I am not my whole self. This is why it is important for us to realize when we are feeling disconnected and stuck in a rut so that we can give our goals, visions, ideas and plans a little jump start to get back on track!

Set Your Intention, Energy, and Mindsets!

When you feel like you are at a standstill, bring awareness to your visions, ideas, goals or plans and ask yourself what needs adjusting. There is always room for improvements. 

Jump start your intentions! revisit your goals and visions and make room for some new and improved intention setting. Maybe a new step can be added or a new idea thought up, whatever it is, do not be afraid to revise and renew!

Check your energy, how are you “vibing” with your current path, are you in any way acting negative, impatient, fearful or doubtful towards your success? Where are your thoughts directing you?

When I catch myself acting funny and out of tune I like to say remind myself of this saying “check yourself before you wreck yourself” – I know when I feel off and when my energy is out of tune with my wellbeing, I can feel it and see it in my actions and thoughts. When I sense my vibe is not in alignment with my personal power, it is my responsibility to realign and change it.

  • look at things from a higher perspective.
  • realign with faith.
  • set new intentions or add some love and empowerment to existing ones.
  • do a body scan and see where you are feeling the most pressure, aches or pains. Breathe into it and as you do, allow yourself to release the energy or block.
  • do something that makes you feel alive and vibrant.

Try to stay clear and focused on your goals and visions, keep your thought, energy, and emotions in tune with your higher self.

Get In Touch With Your Empowered Self Again

Hello? are you there? What is going on? Why are you acting this way?

Trust me, I know it is easy to forget your best-laid intentions or get distracted from the goals, and when there is a challenge it is even easier to forget to empower yourself through it. Take a moment right now and ask your empowered self to step forward and guide you. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel? 

  • meditate and listen to your inner guidance.
  • stop using disempowering statements or limiting beliefs.
  • use affirmations and empowering teachings to help retrain your mindset.
  • surround yourself with empowering people.
  • follow your truth and be accountable for your success.
  • reconnect with your strength, courage, and willpower.
  • use crystals to help your vibe such as Celestite, Obsidian, Sunstone, and Rose Quartz

Change Something Right Now!

Ok, so you have done steps 1 and 2, now you need to make one change right this very minute and stick to it! This change can be anything you need it to be but it should be something that aligns with your current goals, visions, and truth!

Do not procrastinate or hold yourself back, remember that with change comes transformations. We have to make some sacrifices or step out of our comfort zones when we are called to do so, and it is important that we realize that those changes we fear making, are the ones we need to make the most.

If you take into consideration what you really want to accomplish or manifest, you will find that your awareness is brought to truth and clarity of what you need to do and who you need to be to get the path back on track.

  • change your emotional state, take charge.
  • re-calibrate current belief system if it is limiting you.
  • renew your surroundings (even if that is just rearranging your furniture or getting rid of old and worn out)
  • freshen up your look
  • shift your focus from fear to faith.
  • acknowledge and resolve to change one habit that is not good for your success.

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Keep Shining xo

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