How To Protect Your Vibe And Thrive!

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Taking Care of your Energy Vibration

How to Protect Your Vibe and Thrive!

6 Ways To Protect Your Vibe

It is your vibe and you should be keeping it in alignment with what is good for you! Your vibration is what you lead with, and when you come across certain people or situations, your vibe will ultimately be affected. This is why it is important to protect your vibe and keep a balanced and strong energy.

It is important that we take a look at how we may be letting outside forces take over our vibes, thus draining our power and causing blocks in our inner peace. Of course we cannot blame the outside force, we can only accept, learn, grow and evolve so that we stay on top of our highest good. This in turn empowers our vibration and keeps us balanced and aligned.

1. Please yourself before pleasing other people.

No this doesn’t mean you don’t care about giving to others or being kind, it just means that before you choose to put someone else before your values and morals, think again and start choosing to hold what you value in high regard.

Pleasing other people doesn’t make things easier, it only allows one to avoid the moment and deflect the problem into the future. People pleasing is something we all have done, sometimes we do it to feel accepted and worthy of someone’s time and attention. Other times we do it to make the situations or people happy so that we don’t have to deal with truth. Most of the time we are pleasing others as a defense against the fear of our own power and how things will change if we just stood up for needs and desires.

It is important to stand up for yourself, and what you need. Learn to say NO, stop feeling obligated to be what they want, and start being who you are. Be kind, but not a pushover. Be compassionate to yourself, and then others. You are doing life a favor when you choose to keep the balance and stand in your power..

2. Ignore opinions that have nothing to do with the highest good!

There are people who like to give opinions because they love to be in control or they want to impress on you how it should be.. Opinions are tricky, we must respect how others think, and accept that they have an opinion, but we never have to make choices or changes to fit how someone else wants it, especially if it is not for the highest good.

Ignoring an opinion is about taking in what is being said but making sure your are staying focused on the highest good.

You also have to learn when your opinion is needed and when it is not. There are moments where most of us have spoken just to be heard, and this often leaves noting accomplished. Think before you speak, ask if the opinion will help all involved or if it is one sided.

Speak Kindly and truthful Speak your truth  using your voice to empower and stand up for yourself. Truth is different than opinion, with an opinion we are sharing what we think should be, or how we see it; and with truth, it is our values and who we are. Truth is not about defending yourself, more so it is just about being in the presence of yourself and letting who you are speak for itself.


3. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right!

Trust your vibes! Listen to what your energy is saying and what your intuition is signaling to you. If it does not “feel” right, stop, reflect, and make sure you take that moment to accept what is being shown to you.

Follow your senses with an open heart, something will never feel right if your always coming from fear, you have to learn to discern your fear vibes from your truth vibes. Fear vibes will try to hold you hostage and break you down, it will over analyze and over think and try to confuse you and rationalize. Truth vibes will speak to you with clarity, you get this “knowing” feeling that you cant shake, it pushes at you with a certain kind of energy that is unmistakable.

4. Let it be, set it free! If it is not in your control, go with the flow!

Does it irritate you when you are told to go with the flow? Is it hard to give up that control and let what will Are you afraid of what’s on the other side of setting it free?

You and me both! but i have learnt that going with the flow leads me to better things even if I may not like what has to happen, the end result has always been what is best for me.

Going with the flow doesn’t mean giving up and just sitting around, you have to be proactive and open minded and willing to embrace changes. Sometimes you just have to set it free, let it be, and let go of control. What you resist, persists, so protect your vibe from stubbornness and pride.

5. Don’t be afraid to spend some time alone. Quiet time is powerful.

Alone time helps recharge, renew, and empower your energy so that you are better able to keep up with life and all it has to offer! Spending time alone gives you the quiet time you need to reflect upon life and gain a clear head.

It is important to detach from the day to day life, the people, and the situations, especially when you are feeling off, or drained. We need space, and our well being requires us to recharge and take the time for ourselves.

6. Keep your faith larger than your fears!

Fear destroys our vibration, actually, it weakens our strengths and wrecks havoc on our emotional and mental well being. When we allow fear in, it changes our energy and blocks our momentum.

Faith is this empowering force that we have within us, one that shows us we are not alone, and asks us to trust is something greater than our fears. So next time you let your fears in, make sure you make your faith larger. Not all things work out how we want them to, but with faith, they work out how we need them to.

Protect your vibration from your fears, always stay tuned in to a higher vibration and let faith lead the way.

What is faith? For me, it is a sacred place i hold within me that is connected to a divine Universe and higher power. Faith is a sacred energy source we can tap into at anytime, our belief and our conscious connection are what empower our faith, and as we learn to trust and connect, faith becomes stronger within us.

Keep Shining xo

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