Guidance Tarot Reading

Guidance Tarot Reading

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Any choices and decisions being made need you to take the over-analyzing and over thinking out of it, your mental conflict will cause blocks and setbacks. it is important to remain focused on the present day and take each step as it comes. You will need to get control over your doubts and fears as they are cluttering up path. This is no time to be indecisive, set your intentions, be clear on what you want, and follow through with what you are able to do right now. Some things take time to happen, but that does not mean they wont happen, this is why it is important to leave out those doubts and ego perceptions, and stay clear and decisive with yourself.

If you are waiting for results about something, perhaps a job, or home, or a change in health or finances; you will better serve the outcome by creating healthy mindsets and beliefs to empower the journey ahead.

This is also a crucial time to take care of your mental and emotional health. Listen to your intuitive senses; ask yourself what you feel you need to do for the next step.

When you decide to act and finally take the choices that need to be made, then and only then will the resolution be forthcoming – and with it a sense of mental relief.


It happens, to the best of us, we all go through challenges and tests that make us feel a little unsure of ourselves and ours success; some challenges even have us stressed out or drained from the emotional wear and tear. In these moments we must remember our True Self.

You have the strength to follow through, you will need to stand your ground on your goals and visions, hold your values close. There may be others who challenge you with their lack of commitment of value on life and you will need to rise above this and stay true to your core. Be kind and compassionate as well for everyone is fighting their own battles in their stories.

Be brave when it comes to taking on new adventures or beginnings you are currently working on. You are on the right path when you choose to follow your inner guide, and any challenges you face will have a positive outcome.

Any long term commitments or projects you have been working on will require more dedication and effort! success is imminent, victory is hard-won (hard work pays off)

Stand Your Ground, stand in your truth, be open to Universal truth and be considerate of all truth. Surround yourself with people who build you up, look to your allies for support and comfort.

Maintain your health and stay strong so that you have an ample supply of energy to endure anything.


Wisdom guides you to look at any and all “wake up calls” you have had in the past or recently, and use this truth to guide you.

What is the truth to you right now? A good question to ask yourself and a good time to honor it too! The truth card reminds us that looking at what changes we want to make is key right now. Change can be anything our soul is feeling guided to do right now especially the changes we want to make inwardly.

Lessons come to us to show us what needs to change or what we need to do, this is why is is important to accept each lesson as a chance to learn, grow and evolve. Don’t make any hasty decisions right now though, take your time to evaluate, reflect as you honor the truth.

What was once not obvious will now be realized and understood. Be honest with yourself and trust what you know to be true.  – Psychic Tarot Card

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for entertainment only and are to be used with your discretion. Today we have used the Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland

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