Full Moon Reading For September 2020

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Full Moon 1

To The Sea

Essential meanings: Being in flow; returning to Source; recognizing how pieces fit together; a natural pattern of events.

This card reminds you that going with the flow of life will help you stay balanced and maintained, this doesn’t mean you just sit back or let anyone or anything do what they like, instead it suggests you flow with things as you make choices and decisions along the way that best suit your highest good and well being. The Universe is orchestrating some pivotal moments this month for you and you will need to ride the waves that come in for everything is a piece of the puzzle you need to make the best possible future with.

There is a natural rhythm happening in your life right now and you can trust and feel excited for the next month to come, you will have much to celebrate on a personal level.

Full Moon 2


Essential meanings: Being ready; bringing something to light; being at your best; confidence.

This will be a god month for new chapters, phases and shifts in your life! you are ready for anything and the Universe reminds you to look at your strengths, skills and ideas for help with your success. Have confidence in who you are and who you want to be, work on your confidence this next month, set yourself up with some mindsets and intentions that will help empower you to your goals.

The truth is also very important this month it will rise up and out where it needs to, stay poised and ready to handle any truth as it comes. It is equally important to know your truth and stand in it, you may be asked to let a truth set you free in order to move you ahead. Do not be afraid of the truth, it is what it is, there is no lie to it, no manipulation and no agenda, it is just truth – keep it simple, keep it real.

Full Moon 3

Message In A Bottle

Essential meanings: Communication; a sign; a cledon (the ancient name for a spontaneous oracle delivered innocently by the speaker) pointing the way to your highest good.

This month is going to ask you to be more present than you ever have been for the Universe has stepped in fully and is making sure you hear, see, and feel your messages. Your intuition is stronger than you think, trust your gut instincts that seem to make you doubt them, it is usually the instincts we doubt that we need to trust.

Signs and synchronicity will be abundant, seeing numbers such as 911, 111, 1234, or any sequence that keeps catching your attention will need to be looked at as a message. This is also a message about Divine Time and intervention which will be what this month is about.

Recently you may have gone through a very challenging struggle or situation, you are reminded to step back into your spirituality and reconnect with source. Ask for love, support and guidance from your Angels and the Universe, you will receive a sign that they are near. Communication is key, you will need to be clear and focused on how to be the solution. Words are powerful and how you use them is life changing.

Use Amethyst to help keep you grounded, calm and connected to source this month. Keep a little note book each day of the signs and synchronicity you are given and  at the end of the month you will be able to see the bigger picture (you may not get a sign everyday but you will receive many over this month)

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

Cards used today are from the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid

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