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Follow Your Heart and Receive a Message

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Heart 1

Peace is the beating heart of all spiritual practices. The peace you seek must first come from within and then carried onwards out into your life. Inner peace allows you to see a higher perspective, to feel compassion and understanding towards experiences, and to value a lesson of growth. Peace is the heart’s way of loving unconditionally.

Peace is an inside job, one must find inner peace before they can create peace or even see it in their lives. Peace comes from the mastery of emotions and is empowered with compassion, forgiveness, understanding, love and the desire to be the best version of yourself at any given time in any given moment. You can have peace in your life just by deciding you want to heal and move into a new chapter of your life.

Go within and ask yourself if what you are holding onto is worth your inner peace? Is that opinion worth your inner peace? Is that toxic relationship worth your inner peace? Is your fear worth your inner peace?

Once you have asked what your inner peace is worth, begin to align with your truth and extend peace to the past, present and future.

I like to use this mantra for healing, letting go and transformations. It allows me to speak to the past, present and future and extend my peace unto life.

I now let this rest in peace and love.

Heart 2

Notice how your energy enters a space and creates a moment. Your energy is powerful and it imprints onto everything and everyone including yourself. Pay close attention to the energy that you wish to lead with and use it wisely. Energy is frequency and we all carry a vibration with us at all times – it can be low and draining, or it can be balanced and aligned with the highest good. Think in terms of energy and elevate where you need to. 

We absolutely have control over the vibe we send out with our thoughts, feelings, actions and visions. Notice your energy right now and elevate it with love, peace, compassion and joy. Use all of these emotions to help you empower, create, heal and transform anything that you are needing to work on right now.

Align with the actions of empowerment.

Clear any lower energy you may be feeling with meditation, prayer, mindfulness work, energy healing, crystal healing and empowerment such as inner reflection, affirmations and self help tools.

If you are feeling a bit off or in need of an energy reset look no further than your conscious connection to the Universe. Focus on divine white light, bring it into your heart space and see it permeate every inch of your inner light.

You are a magnetic being and your energy is a super attractor.

Heart 3

Commitment is key to any success, and when things seem out of tune or on the back burner, we need to give ourselves permission to recommit to that which is important to us. Commitment is not a vow we make, but instead, an intention we create to help our success. When you commit to yourself you will automatically commit to everything you desire and wish to bring into your life. 

Have you piled so much on your plate, or been feeling like the routine has become discontent or overwhelming? Maybe you just feel like you have had no quality time with those things that matter the most to you and yes, maybe you haven’t been the best at commiting to change it, but you do know you want to and that my friend is powerful stuff! Perhaps you are just feeling the desire to commit to something more and that is powerful too!

There may be some “no’s” you need to say so you can say “yes” to those things you really want.

You may want to reconsider your daily commitments and see where there is room to insert your health and wellness! it is important to get at least 15 minutes a day of self care. You know it!

Identify what your soul is gently nudging at you with and recommit to the quality of its importance to you.

Forgive yourself for any mistakes, procrastinations or whatever else you are feeling you haven’t done and realign! it is true that we stop our growth when we deny ourselves the opportunity to set that shit free!

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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