Empowerment Reading

Empowerment Reading

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Card 1

It is time to awaken that inner power of yours. Step out of any limiting beliefs, comfort zones and victim mindsets and take back your power. Set some goals for yourself before the new year hits and don’t be afraid to try something new and adventurous. There is an awakening happening in your life and you are becoming inspired by ideas, visions and possibilities. You may need to get to know your procrastination and limiting habits so that you can take back your power and start making waves on those goals and intentions! You have to believe in your dreams because no-one else will do that for you. Take care this week, be gentle with yourself as you work through the inner bullshit you have been allowing to hold you back such as those pesky doubts, fears, and feelings of unworthiness.

Today is about the next chapter and it is all about what you want to create; you are a co-creator with the Universe as your partner. You can reach your potential just by accepting how unique, amazing and worthy you are. Your success is a personal journey, what ones person success looks like to them may not be what it looks like to you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, define who you are and what success means to you. You do have the inner power, so call on it! don’t be afraid to shine the light!

How can you step into your power this week? Where are you giving your power away? is there anything you can think of that you can do to help you with your success right now? As you recognize your worth you begin to set even stronger intentions and foundations.

Card 2

Meditation is an empowering tool you can use to help bring peace, connection and presence to your daily life. The foundation of meditation is not to have it all figured out or a calm and still mind, but instead to give you a moment of connection, breath and grounding. Meditation brings awareness to your energy and allows you to reflect and recharge. Take a 10 minute moment each day to bring awareness and clarity to your life.

Sit in a quiet space, light a candle, turn on some theta waves and set the intention to receive a moment of connection and vision. Think about what you want clarity on and then let yourself slow down and tap in. Pay attention to what you feel, hear or see. Even colours, animals, numbers and items have symbolism to them. Practice the pause and reflection daily. Even if you don’t not see or hear anything you will have received the energy you need to move ahead. Start listening more to your souls calling, that intuitive compass that guides you.

Three things that help with meditation:

A special place – this can be a room or space you have set up, outside, in your happy place, or even on the couch, chair or meditation pillow. Your space just needs to be calm and inviting. Somewhere that you feel relaxed and content.

Music – ambiance is essential, music is key. Theta waves, binaural beats, Hz frequencies, mantras and more. The story of sound enters your mind, body and spirit and helps you engage in the moment of meditation.

Journaling – this is a time for connection and reflection. In meditation there are many ways we can receive messages like through vision, sight, a feeling or a sound. Even if what you see, feel and hear makes no sense, always journal what meditation has brought forth.

Card 3

What is happiness to you? How does happiness make you feel? what does happiness look like in your life right now? Think about this for a moment and make a list of all the things in your life that empower your happiness.

Happiness is a state of being, a way of life and an empowering mindset. You can be happy as you work through challenges by taking care of your mental and emotional health. You may be finding you are wanting more meaningful connections in life, and your circle is becoming small and strong with those that balance with you. This is also a good time to declutter and simplify life! get organized and prioritize your goals, visions and tasks.

You get to choose your happiness! to focus your attention on how you can, and want to feel, as well as what you wish to create. If you want to create healing then choose healing. If you want to create stability than choose health and wellness. If you want to create success than choose meaning and purpose. If you want to create happiness than choose to be your most empowered self.

Happiness is happening right now.

Naomi Mailhot - Spiritual Psychic Medium & Transformational Coach

Inspire your life daily and build new mindsets and wellness foundations! A 42 card deck of affirmations and messages to help you empower your journey.

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