Affirmations and Messages of Empowerment

Affirmations and Messages of Empowerment

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Card 1

Your true self is the very essence of abundance, and as you see yourself abundant, you begin to raise the vibrational energy to your life’s abundance. You may have held a past belief system that abundance is outside of you, but today, and each day forward, you must ignite the abundance that your true self creates. Your True Self   opens the possibilities to be abundant, feel abundant, and act abundant. As you align with your source energy, nurture your happiness and your joy,  you will discover the energy of abundance.

Look to nature to feel the abundance of gratitude.

Look to your current blessings to see the abundance around you.

Seek your happiness inside to feel the abundance rise.

Card 2

Karma is the cause and effect of the actions, choices and reactions you make. Karma is neither good or bad, it instead matches who you choose to be at any given time.

Focus on your intentions, what kind of energy do you want to put behind the steps you take and the choices you make. How can you control your reactions better? How can you react differently when it comes around again?

Create a Positive Force of Karma for yourself by choosing the way you put out your energy. It is not the actions, words, choices or decisions itself, it is the energy you exert behind it.

How will you back up your Karma?

  • Choose a softer tone
  • Be aware of your negativity
  • See your actions before you make them, be aware of what you can “cause”
  • Look at where you need to show up for an experience and how you need to show up for it.
  • Be honest
  • Be clear
  • Know right from wrong
  • Release the ego’s control over you
  • Use a higher perspective
  • Think before you act
  • Use your intuition and self-awareness to guide you.

Card 3

Hope leaves room for doubts and fears, when you hope something will happen you may not fully be feeling the faith that it will. If you are going to hope for something make sure you are backing it with faith!

When you say, “I Hope this will happen” you may be saying instead energetically, “I doubt this will happen” or “I am afraid I am not worthy of what I hope for”. Stop hoping from a place of dis-empowerment. Change your energy and the way you are eluding yourself from the faith that you need to empower your divine self.

Faith leaves no room for doubts. It allows you to be open to receiving your highest good, faith creates the opportunity for you to surrender and align with your inner strength and power.

Faith is a strong force of energy that can be used to create miracles.

Faith makes it easier to accept what is and trust that what will be, will be.

Faith carries us through challenges and gives us strength, but it also tells us the truth about where things need to go.

Faith is greater than our ego wants and hopes, it leads us to the deeper understanding and connection needed to move us through life.

Faith is the Universe having your back, no matter where you are, or what you are doing, faith is your power. If the Universe has your back, then you must also have your own back, and when you do, your hope turns into faith.

Card 4

Wake up to begin. Wake up to your own reflection. Wake up to start this day right and create a force of energy that will ripple through to tomorrow. You have the power to transform your day, a simple mindful practice of breathing is one of the best ways to center yourself and stay grounded.

You can claim your power through breath work, as you take a few deep breaths in, you welcome the light of the day, focusing on staying true to your inner peace and calm. The day will be what it is, and you will remain present in its unfolding, grounded to the personal power within you, and centered in your heart space.

Deep breath in, as you  inhale  peaceful  energy  and feel your presence ground to your inner power. Think of your strengths, feel your presence and power. Align with your inner light.

Deep breath out  as  you  exhale  and  feel the power of your peace of mind. You will not let anyone, or anything take this power from you.

Keep Shining xo

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