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Your intuition will lead the way if you take a moment to breathe, connect in and listen. What is your inner voice guiding you with? What are your vibes picking up on? Clearing your mind is about giving yourself the space to think and feel for yourself as you look at what you natural instincts are telling you.

That feeling you get about a certain person. Trust it.

That instinctual vibe you are receiving right now…go with it!

The idea, vision or inspiration that has come to you…honor it!

Card 2

Keep it simple, keep it real, apply this motto to your life right now and see what happens. When you keep it simple you allow for acceptance, reflection, truth and growth to happen. When you keep it real, you keep it clear and focused on the present moment and what is happening. Even when something is overwhelming or challenging you, keep it simple, give yourself a moment of clarity and strength.

Keep it simple, see the truth and act accordingly.

Keep it real.

Don’t manipulate anything with a could have, should have or would have frame of mind. Today has all the answers because it shows you where you are, what you see, how you feel and where you know you need to go.

Card 3

Change is good! It opens doors to opportunity. It is an important part of your personal growth. If you want something to change the first step is to look at why! Is something bothering you? Is there something out of alignment with your core values? Are you tired of where you are? Maybe you just want a new adventure? or a new lease on yourself?

Done be afraid to make the changes that are necessary for growth and movement forward. Without change everything remains where you decide to let your fear or doubts keep it.

Card 4

Happiness is an inside job, but more importantly, it is already happening right now within you. You have the power to be happy! to enjoy the simple things! to go on new adventures! to love life!

Happiness if here and now and you create it with your thoughts, feelings, visions and goals. Let yourself be in the moment of happiness today. The Universe waits for you here. Give yourself one day of pure good vibing’ energy and see what it does for your tomorrow,

Thank you for participating in todays empowerment reading! As always, my readings are to be used at your discretion and are based upon helping growth and transformations in life!

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