Empower Your Life Now!

Empower Your Life Now!

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Card 1

I Give myself permission to care about what

I value in life.

Values are our personal foundations and our ability to sense the difference between imbalanced and balanced, right or wrong, light or heavy. Values include a deep-rooted system of beliefs. They have intrinsic worth to the individual who embodies them, your values are some of the most important fundamentals of who you are which is why it is most important to care about what they are to you and how you stand in your power for them.

Examine what you care most about and look at what you value in life; ask yourself if you are aligned with these values right now.

Values help us to determine what is important to us and what we believe in

Can you give yourself permission to care more about these values you hold dear to you?


Card 2

My prayers are spoken with the intentions for the highest good.

Set the intention to ask for what you need with the open mind and heart for the highest good. When we pray we do so because we want to connect and receive love and support, it is not about getting what we want, but instead receiving this love and support to help us walk our journey with strength, faith and courage.

Let go of expectations and allow your prayers to be answered how the Universe sees fit, there is always divine time and intervention to be mindful of. You are a co-creator in your life, the Universe is always aligning you with the highest good, it is fear, doubts and ego that try to lead you astray so remember to check in with your inner spirit each day and connect with the Universe by sending out a simple prayer.

Hello Universe,
I am present with you today and I ask you to help guide me to the highest good that my life needs right now. With love and gratitude I ask for your strength and light to enter my life. 


Card 3

I leave a valuable impression everywhere I go.

Your energy and vibe makes a lasting impression on everyone you meet, every situation you encounter and every piece of your life – you are that powerful!

What do you want your vibe to be today? How about this week? and what about in that situation or experience you are in right now? Be mindful of your vibe; is it an energy vibration of frustration, love or hate, worry or fear, or is it an energy of faith, self-love, empowerment, or what..?

It can be hard sometimes to just “be positive”  in fact it is not always possible, life has deep emotional roots and attachments that like to drain us of our energy, so… don’t be positive.. BE WELL! .. be well in your thoughts, be well in your emotions, be well today in your life – choose one thought, emotion and action that raises your vibration to a new level!

Note to self:

What I am sending out to the Universe is being received loud and clear right now not only by the Universe, but also myself, others and my situation. I choose to be well because I can.


Keep Shining xo

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