Empower your Life

Empower your Life

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What is your truth right now? Are you ready for a change? Are you willing to make a choice? how about ready to accept a challenge or face a fear? The Universe is waiting patiently for you to follow where you feel pulled to go.

New chapters and adventures await. As the old cycles end you will be feeling the desire for growth and positive change. Look to your souls calling and listen to the gentle yet profound nudges of the Universe coming from within. This is a time of healing and empowerment. Life is rising to the occasion and all you need to do is show up. Success blooms with every seed of wellness and vision you plant. positive resolutions to past conflicts are in the process of unfolding.

The Universe supports you today.

Card 2

Deep breath in, you can do this. Deep breath out, let go of the negative energy.

Deep breath in, you are enough. Deep breath out, you have strength and everything you need.

Deep breath in, surround yourself with people who match your vibe. Deep breath out, let go and set healthy boundaries in all relationships and connections you need to.

Deep breath in, recalibrate, ground your energy and create balance. Deep breath out, today is going to be a good day. You will accomplish your priorities. You will organize your time and energy the best you can. You will make some progress. You can do this.

Deep breath in, bring peace, love, and inner power up from within you.

Deep breath out, feel strong, at peace and focused on your power.

Card 3

This is the Universe calling you! pay attention to signs and synchronicities. Nothing is random or coincidence. You may meet someone who shares a message with you or you could find yourself at the right place, right time. This could possibly even be about things going “wrong” so they can go right!

You are also being encouraged to keep moving ahead. You have made some right turns and as you continue to follow the path the Universe will send more signs and synchronicities.

Side Note: Look up those signs you have recently received through numbers that have caught your attention (even look up the time you see right now!) or animals that have crossed your path! You may have seen a quote or article that had some important messages for you, or perhaps you heard a song come on at the right time. Signs come in many ways, don’t brush off what catches your eye!

Card 4

Detach and surrender, take a break, replenish your energy before you take the next step. You may need to step back for a day or two, letting things be as they are as you ask the Universe to step in. Take a mental and emotional break, rest, do something that empowers your spirit.

Trust in Divine goodness! have faith in a higher power guiding you and helping you to to step into your power. Loosen your grip on trying to control the outcomes, people and situations. Sometimes it is better to observe and let it flow until it is time to take more action.

Universe, I surrender (insert your worry, situation, struggle, goal here) and trust that you will guide and support me as I move ahead.

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