Dreamcatcher Empowerment Reading

Dreamcatcher Empowerment Reading

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The Universe fully supports me as I follow the truth within my soul.

The Universe is letting you know right now that you are supported, encouraged and being pushed in the right direction! Listen to your intuitive truth and watch for signs being given to help you on your path.

Ask the Universe to step in where you need a little extra boost, send out your requests from a place of faith and flexibility! Be open to the roads you are take on for each will bring you another piece to the puzzle.

Trust in the process especially if it is a goal or dream you have. Create healthy steps and set intentions to help you achieve your success. Patience, love, courage and clarity are all important as well as knowing what you believe. Be more than just a person with a goal, be the person with the faith and vision for that goal.


I am healing daily all that comes to me to be healed.

Life brings you moments each day, and with these moments come your thoughts, feelings and everything in between, it is up to you to help yourself through each moment of your life… What comes up, whether it is frustration, stress, sadness, grief, uncertainty or any other emotional response you are holding right now, requires you to help move yourself through it. You are the one in control of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, this can be overwhelming yes, but, there is nothing more empowering than realizing you are that powerful to your life!

Take back your power today by acknowledging where you are, what you are feeling and thinking and recognize what you are allowing to drain your power. Do not place blame or let yourself believe that you are a victim here, today is a good day to heal what is asking you to heal it.


I leave a valuable impression everywhere I go.


Make a lasting impression right now in your life where you need to! Use your kindness, integrity and understanding to guide you, especially with certain situations and people. Be aware of your own energy and the impression you leave, even if others are not leaving valuable impressions and the situations are not their best, you still have the power to be valuable to your life and cause a ripple effect with your energy.

You can have a “off day” that’s okay, but don’t use its energy to move forward, take a break, regroup and gather the energy you wish to move forward with.

You can honor your feelings, that’s important, but choose what emotions you wish to lead with now.

You leave an impression everywhere you go, even with difficult people and situations, it is important to be the best version of yourself you can be. Think of it like this, if the whole world went mad would you go mad with it? or would you step up and be who you know you need to be.

Be the person you want to be in your life, cause the ripple effect wherever you go, the good you do always comes back to you someway, somehow.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

Todays cards were from the Transform Your Life & Create Miracles Empowerment Deck which you can purchase here on my site! https://naomimailhot.com/product-category/oracle-card-deck/

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