Daily Practices That Can Help Empower Your Success

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Daily Practices That Can Help Empower Your Success

It is important to make the best use of your day and here are a few practices that can help align you with success!

20 Minutes of Sacred Space

What is sacred space you ask? It is that place you go to connect to your inner power and give yourself space from the outside world. My space has changed many times over the years, but the one thing that has not changed is the energy I bring to it and the tools I use when I enter my sacred space.

Light candles to give ambience to the atmosphere and to create a glowing feeling of peace and relaxation. Candles are also a tool to use when setting an intention (light the candle) and when releasing it to the Universe (blow out the candle). We need actions to go with our words and thoughts, it helps us set the energy of intention., this is why lighting a candle can give you more connection.

Meditation or sitting quietly as you journal or reflect upon each day. Whether you set aside 10 minutes in the morning or 10 minutes at night, as long as you give some time for clarity and reflection. Keeping a journal is about sharing yourself with yourself and letting the soul do the talking.

Crystal Healing for all your energy needs. Right now I am very attracted to Rose Quartz for the heart and feminine energy, and in a few months, I will use another crystal healer to help the energy within me and around me. I find crystals to be so subtle in the energy they bring to the atmosphere, like a reminder we all need to heal and transform mind, body and soul.

Sound Therapy using theta or binaural music you can find off Spotify or youtube, or even singing bowls which I have recently fallen in love with and play. Playing mantras or meditation music in the background can help you raise your vibration and create a space where you can think, feel and just be.

Empowerment/Self Help books and cards can also be helpful tools to have in your sacred space. Using messages and wisdom you gain from the guidance a book or empowerment cards can give you will help you find clarity and be able to feel more balanced and in touch with the truth.

Finding Time For Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect

You know it! The number one reason for life to fall off track is due to how we treat ourselves and what we allow into our hearts.  We have to make time, not clock time, I mean TIME. That kind where you spend quality care, truth and nurturing in all areas of your inner self as you practice self-love.

Wait, Practice self-love? what! why do we need to practice it? I mean, it should come easy and natural shouldn’t it? Well, no, it doesn’t, and many people I talk to about this have no idea how to love themselves. they get caught up in what they don’t love about themselves and their life that they forget self-love is energy they embody and respect for their health and wellbeing. We need to care about how we are treating ourselves and what our ego is making us attach to with fears, loneliness, doubts, and wounds.

Self-Love is making the powerful choice to nurture, heal and to empower your values, truths, and self-respect. You know deep down what your blocks and ignorances are, you know why you complain, and what you feel lack of, and the only way to transform it is to ignite the spark of self-love within.

Look in the mirror every day, stare deep into your eyes and repeat this to yourself. I am worthy of my own love and respect. I am worthy of my beauty. I am worthy of my truth. I am worthy of my success. I am worthy of my own happiness. I am worthy of this life. I am worthy of caring about what I stand for and who I am.

Choosing Priorities Each Day

I have found that when I set my priorities each day, I am more willing to get things accomplished and it becomes easier to check off my task list. You see we often fill our days with lower priorities and day to day routines, but if we can prioritize our tasks and goals in order that we need them, we are better able to accomplish and create abundance in our lives.

We also must be willing to set aside what we want to do so that we can do what is needed. Each day has its own flow, some days will go smoothly, others not so much, but your priorities will always remain.

Note To Self Writing & Journaling

Get in a habit every day of writing little notes from your higher self such as

” I am willing to heal what is bothering me and I can rise above.”

” The Universe fully supports me as I follow the truth within my soul”

“I desire  ______________, and I will take the steps to start”

Journaling little notes will help you retrain your mind and set the standard for your life. It helps you to see where the ego has control and allows you to insert your personal power, or what is called the higher-self. The idea is to become more consciously aware of your energy, thoughts, and emotions so you can use them to empower and enlighten.

Before You Go To Sleep...

Your bedtime routine needs to change if what you are doing is just falling into bed, phone beside you, teeth brushed and closing your eyes only to have thoughts and ‘to do’ lists racing through your head.

Bedtime is not just about sleep, although sleep is very important to your vitality, the way you end your day is also just as important. First off, do your normal routine, but add some consciousness to it. Think about how your day went and say thank you to ALL OF IT. Look at lessons and growth, even pay attention to the boredom and discontent you felt. Acknowledge the highs and the lows, and then… focus on the joy and abundance you wish to bring with you into tomorrow.

Let it go, relax, rest, recharge, find gratitude and joy in your heart. End your day with peace and tranquility. Remind yourself that tomorrow you are needed to help create solutions and to work on your visions.

Think about how you would like to end your day, give some love and respect to your mind, body and soul.

Keep Shining xo

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