Crystal Reading

Crystal Reading

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Card 1

BOJI STONES ( Balance)

You are going through a time in your life where it is important to keep your balance. Whether you are dealing with a career or work related situation, a relationship, your health, or life in general, balance is where you will find your momentum.

It is a give and take kind of period, you will find that some of your old ways no longer provide functionality in your life, it is important to recognize where you see and feel an imbalance and make the changes needed.

It is time to get grounded and clear, take a look at your life’s situations and ask yourself what you should be doing to create balance. Yes, your Angels know that sometimes it is hard to create that balance when outside forces are weighing in, but don’t use that as an excuse for yourself. You can be balanced within, even when the outside forces are not. Inner peace, setting boundaries, and really staying on top of your well being, those are only a few things you could do to help yourself.

Pay close attention to any animals that cross your path as there is a message coming to you from a spirit animal. When you come across a spirit animal look up its message.

Your Crystal/Stone Energy Healer is the Boji Stones – they enhance the energy of balance and clarity. A strong grounding stone that you can use to remind yourself to stay focused and grounded in your present moments.

Card 2


You are forever connected to the divine source energy of the Universe. This source energy is an ever flowing supply of love, wisdom, healing, abundance and support in your life.

Do whatever you can to get closer to consciousness and stay connected to the source energy of the Universe. Meditations, energy healing’s, mindful practices, daily rituals and more, can help you to connect to Source and align with this energy that empowers.

Have you been feeling low energy? Do a meditation or sit quietly for a moment and ask the Universe to help realign you. Make better choices for your wellbeing.

Have you been feeling amplified with energy? This is a sign that you are going through a shift and things are about to change for you. The Universe is preparing you for the next steps, listen to your intuition and connect with your spiritual team/guides through meditations and mindful rituals.

Are you having a hard time with a certain situation? Detach, surrender to the flow, let the Universe work its magic and lead you to the answer. Stay mindful of course, and always keep an open mind. Don’t let emotional attachments cloud your souls judgement.

Does the past keep coming back to haunt you? When we keep seeing the same patterns and habits, it is us that needs to change, not the outside force. Only we have the power to transform our lives! You can do it, you are worthy.

Crystal Healer’s are Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Amethyst – These crystals will help open up your divine connection to the Universe and the energy of love and wisdom. Amethyst can help calm and reconcile any frustration and fog you have been feeling as well as open up your intuitive senses. Clear Quartz can help you reach deeper states in meditation and it is the powerhouse of energy in all of the Crystal kingdom so of course it can help keep you amplified!

Watch for numbers like 1111, 333, 911 and 888, numbers carry special messages on your path. Look up Angel numbers or meanings once you see your number.

Card 3


The angels are shining their divine light upon you at this time, bringing in the energy of protection.

Shield’s Up! not in a bad sense, but in a sense of protecting yourself from lower vibrations that come from certain people and situations. You have to protect your energy and vibe so be sure to recognize your energy signals.

Listen to how your energy speaks to you. When you are around certain people, you get a sense of who they are or what their vibes say. You have to learn to trust what your energy is telling you, it is like your own personal radar detector for knowing who is a good vibe and who is not.

Be responsible for your own energy, sense your vibrations and what you may need to change to feel safe and secure. Bring in love energy to help nurture and recommit to your vibration. Be responsible for the energy you embody and send out as well, your vibe is like a magnet and attracts the same energy back.

Breath Exercise: Breathe in pure love and protection on the inhale, feel the energy and focus on it’s power, then on the breath out, let go of any stagnant or heavy energy that has been holding on.

Crystal Healer Black Tourmaline –  Black Tourmaline will help protect your energy and strengthen your aura. It will help dissolve stagnant energy and protect you on a spiritual level. Also a good crystal to wear around those certain people that carry lower vibration energies.


Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

The cards used today are from the Crystal Reading cards by Rachelle Charman

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