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Crystal Healing Guidance

Messages of Empowerment


Kunzite Crystal


Crystal Meaning

Connects you to your own infinite source of love.
Allows the heart to expand and flow, giving and receiving.
Promotes healing from abandonment and rejection.
Opens and aligns the heart chakra to Divine Love.
Assists in dissolving deeply held pain and resentment.

This crystal comes to you with a message of self-love. It is time to make yourself a priority and honor your feelings. Any issues that have come up or that you have been avoiding, you will need to deal with them with a positive force of energy.

Forgive and move on from toxic people and situations, if you continue to stay around toxic energy, you will find yourself drained and dis-empowered. Any feelings of abandonment or resentment, choose to resolve them now. Open up your heart, reconnect to your love.

Allow self-love to dissolve anything that is holding you back, and if you do not know how to love yourself, learn. Read a book, talk with someone about life, take a workshop. Self-love is the key to your happiness.

For some of you the road to self-love is fully underway and you have seen how powerful it is to be connected to this love. Stay on course, your message is to keep the power of self-love in your heart and you will be successful in all you set out to do.

As you deepen in love for yourself, you will naturally deepen and open your connection to everyone and everything around you.

Brazilianite Crystal


Crystal Meaning

Assists in decision making
Brings inner peace and self-awareness
Enhances flexibility in your life
Assists in enhancing creative projects

This crystal comes to you with a message about how important it will be to ease up and stay flexible this coming week. Even being flexible with certain people in your life can help you create the opportunity for change. Try not to get frustrated with those certain individuals that know how to push your buttons. It may be hard, but keeping your wits about you is all in your power.

You may need to be flexible with a situation that is not going how you see it, or as timely as you want. There are some other components to how things will need to play out. Trust in the process of unfolding, stand your ground but don’t be stubborn. Things are actually moving in the right direction.

Take  time for peace before you speak and do, especially when it comes to relationships or situations with people involved. You will need to stay grounded and focused on the highest good. At all times, choose a higher perspective. Ask yourself how you can stay flexible and open to the flow of life.

Keep focused on creative projects and ideas, these will bring expansions and abundance to your life.

Flexibility allows you to be open to more poosibilities as well as the flow and direction that certain situations or experiences come with.

Fairy Stone


Crystal Meaning

Sacred stone of magic and good luck
Enhances fertility
Assists in healing trauma created in the womb
Offers Protection
Brings good health and prosperity

There is magic in the air, in fact it is a fertile time for you to create or finish projects and visions you have. Seeds are well planted and in time, will grow to reap you the rewards you have worked hard for. Work or career matters are flowing in your favor.

Any new beginnings you are thinking about? This is a great time to start getting things underway! Dream big and let the expansions happen.

You are supported by the Universe, whatever you are working on or with, such as career, relationship or new direction; this card is a sign you are heading in the right direction. Your decisions are aligning you with your success.

Keep Shining xo

Oracle/Tarot Readings are based upon the highest potential of the outcome, these readings are for spiritual guidance and insight only and are to be used with your discretion.

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