Connect To Your Spirit Guides To Receive Signs and Answers

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6 Ways you can Tap In, Tune In and Get Connected!

Connect to Your Spirit Guides to Receive Signs and Answers

You Have A Team Of Spirit Guides Waiting To Assist You

They can be passed loved ones, angels and archangel beings, ascended masters, animals, or they can even just be guides from this consciousness to which we are connected to. You may not be able to put a face or name to them, you just know they are there. The most important aspect of connecting to your spirit guide is that you ask for them to step in and guide you, and then be willing to accept the insight they give you throughout your daily life and routines.

I connect on a daily basis to my guides, from the moment I wake up, to the moment I close my eyes;  I believe in a higher power of consciousness, as well as a divine universe, and I open myself up to conscious connection by having faith and staying in tune with my own intuition and higher self.

One of the best ways to initiate connection is to set the energy of intention in motion, you can do this by taking the time to do the steps below.

Create a sacred space

When connecting to your guides it helps to have your space set energetically. You don’t always have to do a ritual, sometimes it’s just setting the intention for a safe, loving secure environment for the connection to take place. Meditation and even walking in nature are amazing ways to create space for connection. When I do readings, I prepare my space by burning sage and frankincense, I light candles and say prayers as well as play meditation music. You don’t have to always do this but for deep connections, it is better for it also benefits your energy and grounds you to your intention. You may not always have time for quiet, life is busy, but do take those few minutes to clear your mind and set intentions. Once you get comfortable in a sacred space, it is time to ask with clarity.

Focus and sustain your thought and energy on the guidance you wish to receive. Hold space with an open heart and mind as you ask your spirit guides to step in and send you a message.  


Ask And Be Mindful

You must ask for them to be present, invite them to help guide you and give you a sign, and then be mindful of the world around you. Be observant of signs. If you have a grandma who loved banana bread and you asked for a sign from her and then later that day you were given a loaf of banana bread or saw an image of banana bread, then this would be her sign to you.  If you ask to be guided in your relationship about what you should do to help it, then later that night you get into an argument with this person and things come up, well, if you remember what you asked for, then you will realize that whatever happened in the argument is an indication of what is wrong and what must be fixed for this relationship to thrive. If you have asked your spirit guide to step in, then you need to allow the process to unfold by allowing all opportunity for what you have asked for to present itself in any shape or form.  Your connection starts every day when you wake up to when you go to bed at night. Everything in between is your reflection. You can choose to walk aimlessly through your day, or you can choose to live through your higher self.

Practice Manifesting Signs

Ask your guides to send you a specific sign to show their presence. Sit down and decide what type of symbol you wish to have that is special to you and your guides, use this symbol when asking for signs. Mine changes depending on what I wish to use, but I mostly ask for an owl or a heart to be shown to me and I am specific about what they will mean.  You will also need to be mindful and aware that the Universe works in mysterious ways, a sign can come in many forms. The other day I was driving home through the mountains and I asked the Universe to send me a sign to let me know what the month of April was going to look like for me and about a half hour later I received the number 111 and 4444. Now, to make it even more powerful, I was given the number 111 three more times in the span of two hours. 111 is a manifesting number and reminds us to keep our thoughts and intentions tuned in to the Universe’s frequency.


Keep a journal of your sacred space connections

As you set the tone for your guides you will have many thoughts(visions) as well as feelings, and sensations. Keep a journal of all your experience in these connections, write down everything you see, hear, sense and even smell! It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it right away, this is just to keep track. This journal also helps you to remember what you have asked your guides to help you with, trust me, you probably ask for guidance on many things, so it is so important to be clear and precise and to have something to look back upon as a reference.


Believe in the process

TRUST TRUST TRUST. It won’t work unless you trust the unknown more than you doubt it. Let yourself go, let the imagination run free. I have had to learn to step out of the way and let my fear and worry go. Your spirit guide will bring people and things into your life, they will create serendipity and synchronicity, they always will help guide you. It is so important that you get out of the way and let the process unfold. Listen and be aware of your intuitive voice.


3 ways you will know if your connecting to your guides are

1- Feeling A Presence Energy can wash over you, you may even feel like you are being watched or like someone is in the room with you. This presence will not be scary; it will give you a sense of calm and peace.

2- Visions and Clarity you will more than likely have a vision or image come to you, perhaps you see your loved one passed smiling at you, or an angel light surrounding you; these are visions which your guides give to you when they are near. You will “know” it is a vision you are not making up; the vividness is all too real and you can sense it is them. The clarity when a guide is around, being very transparent, you become very aware of yourself and all that life is and has been. You see truth, love, and feel directed and guided.

3- Energy Rush You can feel a surge of energy and your vibration picks up. You may sense a stirring inside you of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  You may feel lighter, and a sense of wanting to heal your life. Your whole energy changes and it is noticeable.


Guidance from your guides will be uplifting, insightful and truthful. They always have your best interest at heart. Although they are spirit energy, they still have a better knowledge of what you truly need. Your guide will want to direct you to the best possible outcome and this may not always be how you have seen it. The most important thing I can tell you is that there is an unseen force working behind the scenes and if you believe in them, they have a better chance at reaching you.

Keep Shining xo

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