Autumn dressed up in gold. The richest season of the soul.

Angie Welland -Crosby

My favorite time of the year is Autumn, partly because it was the season I was born in, but mostly because of what it represents and how it feels. Autumn is the season of change and transformation. You begin to get more grounded and ready for the next steps. You feel calmer and more peaceful. Time seems to become more in the flow with your natural rhythm. The colorful energy of autumn is present but with a promise that soon all will be naked and fresh.

I like to think of Autumn as the season in which all things are possible. We have the time to grow, release, move on, heal, transform, and change. So here are a few tips for making this season align with your success!

1. Get super clear on your intentions

This is the perfect time to set yourself up for success as you look at what you want to accomplish in the next chapter of your life. Clear up those doubts and fears by focusing on what is in your power to start with. Take a look at what goals you are wanting to set for yourself and how your intentions will need to align with them. The Universe loves a clear and loud plan spoken from your truth so don’t be afraid to get real and authentic at this time in your life.

The other thing about getting clear on your intentions is that you will need to tap into your faith and strength. Creating success isn’t easy, there are mountains to move and hills to climb. But with each challenge you face, remember there is a promise of renewal as you step forward.

Intentions can be simple too. Maybe you want to spend more time with family or have more fun. Your intentions just need to be focused on the things that make your soul happy.

2. Start a new routine or add something to your routine that is life changing

I love this one, it adds spice to your life! Changing up the routine is a good thing. Adding a walk to the end of your day or a morning meditation can really help you stay grounded and refreshed. You could also change up your diet or lifestyle, looking at what doesn’t add nourishment or what isn’t working anymore can be the game changer you need!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


3. Release – Renew – Recharge

My favorite thing about this time of year is the clean crisp air, the beautiful colours and the way Mother Nature shows us transformations. The leaves fall from the trees, the sun goes down earlier, and the promise of transformation is in the air. There is nothing to fear about any change except not changing at all. Take a look at what you want to release, renew and recharge, Make a commitment and then take it one step at a time.

Take a deep breath in of that crisp air and release anything that you need to. Negativity, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, even perspectives that hold you back.

Notice all the beautiful fall colors and how they are changing and renew your vitality and wellness.

Take notice of the way you are feeling and make a commitment to recharge your energy, mind, body and soul.

Here are some affirmations to help empower you:

I am grounded and able to stand in my power to choose health and wellness.

I am enough and I have what I need to start.

I am ready for change in all the ways I desire.

4. Get Cozy and Warm!

Think of this step as your self-love and empowerment foundation. You want to feel comfortable and secure in your intentions and goals. This will require you to cozy up to your inner power and warm up your heart and mind! Don’t just sit there and let it all happen to you, get up, stand in your power! Cultivate your self-love and worth, go on a personal growth journey. Read a good book about that certain thing you are wanting to change and transform. Take a course or workshop to empower your heart and mind. Learn to heal and love yourself more each day. Nurture your body and soul with health and wellness.

Things To Do To Empower Your Success

  • Take 15 minutes in the morning to do a grounding and breath exercise. Add in a mantra or affirmation to help you focus your power of intention.
  • Make sure you clear out the clutter daily! Don’t let emotional, mental or physical junk pile up!
  • If you didn’t get what you wanted done in the day let it go and start fresh the next day!
  • Have a YOU DAY once a month at least! surround yourself with people and experiences that make you happy.
  • Movement and nutrition are important. Cultivate new and improved wellness habits.
  • Self-love goes a long way. Grow it. Empower it. Use it.
  • Let the shit go! whatever or whoever it is. If it does not add goodness then it is time for a change.

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