Autumn Equinox Messages

Autumn Equinox Messages

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Autumn Equinox Messages


Be open to receiving signs and direction. Breathe. Relax. Be Still.

If you are trying to make a decision but feel you do not have enough clarity, ASK the Universe to send you a sign or synchronicity and then pay attention.

Everything is in the flow of Divine time and intervention. Although there is much going on in your life you also know that there is a process and unfolding that needs to take place. Trust that the Universe has your back. Trust in the process. Stay tuned into your souls guidance as you stay present and observant of not only the way things are unfolding , but to the signs and synchronicities that seem to be flowing with them. Observe life as it unfolds. Be an active choice maker when called upon.

You may need to be open to the highest good before you can be shown it! Keep an open mind and heart, this way you do not get caught up in the attachment to things. This is the end of cycle in your life, be open to making changes that allow you to grow.


“Notice what isn’t working in life and then take slow and steady steps to remove the blocks”

If something has slowed down of stopped all together progressing, it is for a good reason. This is an important time in you life to pull out the “weeds” and clean up the clutter. If something is slow and not moving like you thought it would, step back and revaluate what is in your power to do. You may need to let go of something so that you can open a new door. This card can indicate that something you know is challenging you, is not worth your effort or time anymore. You may also need to change your perspective from a struggling mindset to one that is empowering. As you sit back and contemplate where you are, take notice of how far you have come and where you feel guided to go. There is a standstill for a reason and it is helping you to see the path forward crystal clear.

Release yourself from any patterns and habits that limit your success. Review your current goals and intention and be honest with yourself as to what you are doing to block success.

#3 – LOVE

All is well. All is healing. All is with love.”

You are loved and supported in the ways you need to be. You have friends you cherish, people you trust and connections that empower. Take a minute to soak that in. This is the time to make your circle tight and keep the love flowing.

Relationships of all kinds are blossoming, even the one you have with yourself. Nurture those relationships that are important to you, set healthy boundaries with the ones that are toxic or draining.

This may be a good time to go on a self-love/empowerment journey! Cultivating more confidence, worth, and inner power as you go. Do the work on yourself and all will fall into place.

When in doubt, lead with LOVE.


“You are ready to activate your potential and step into your strength

Things look good and are headed in the right direction. You are ready to activate your potential. Even when the world seems so uncertain, your goals and ideas are not. You have the skills, talents and strength to move ahead.

This cycle of life is all about those ideas and goals coming to life. You may be starting a new job, buying a new home, creating a product, or even growing your business. The potential is what you do today to stay on track and focused.

You are on the verge of a great expansion of energy and life force. Shifts are happening and your soul is leveling up.

Todays cards were drawn from the Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn

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