August 2021 Empowerment Reading

August 2021 Empowerment Reading

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Card 1

It is important to set healthy boundaries and make clear intentions on where and how you want to use your energy this month. Energy is currency, what you think becomes a pattern, how you speak leaves a lasting impression, and the actions you take create the reality of your personal life. Spend your energy wisely this month and you will create the balance and success you are seeking.

What mindsets are you using right now that limit you? Where are you letting yourself or someone else cross boundaries that are not healthy or balanced?

Think about what you wish to “spend your energy on” this month. Who do you want to hang out with? What do you want to create? How do you choose to feel? What do you want to learn? How do you want to spend and save?

Take charge of your future today!

Card 2

Destiny always has a way with our journey’s. What is meant for us comes to us in Divine time. The ebb and flow of life asks us to step up when we are called upon, making decisions and choices that are sometimes hard but inevitably lead to blessings in disguise.

When life goes a different direction than you had planned, lean into the change with acceptance, love and faith because destiny has played her hand and you will be guided to the highest good. Resistance is the only road block you can create. Stand in your power this month as certain situations and experiences may challenge you to let go of the past as you embrace some new adventures and chapters.

Destiny is where we are every day.

Card 3

The Universe is always working with you on your goals, plans and visions and this month is no exception! With willpower and dedication you will accomplish the steps you need to take towards success.

Set yourself up for an amazing month ahead by saying THANK YOU with love and gratitude for everything already in your life and also on its way to you.

Thank you Universe for all of my blessings past, present and future. I am always ready to receive the abundance of the Universe.

Card 4

This month is about focusing on building your trust and connection to the Universe. Each day in the morning send out a prayer for the highest good, asking the Universe to be present with you on your path. Ask and trust that the Universe is always listening.

It is important to know that when asking the Universe to step in you literally have to be open and willing to receive the highest good. You have to use faith to guide you and come from a place of courage and love. Your vibe is how the Universe taps into you!

A prayer you can say each morning before you start your day:

Dear Universe,

Please step in and guide me today to the answers and solutions I will need for my success. I am ready to receive the highest good of the day.

A prayer you can say today before August rolls in:

Dear Universe,

I am open to receiving the highest good of my journey in the month of August and onward. Please send solutions, answers and guidance my way.

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